Abby Franke Biography

Abby Franke is a prominent member of the popular American family YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers.’ Alongside her parents and siblings, Abby contributes to the channel by creating daily vlogs that provide a glimpse into their lives and routines. With numerous videos garnering over a million views, the channel boasts an impressive 2.2 million subscribers. Abby has also made appearances on the official Instagram account of ‘8 Passengers,’ although it is currently private with only two followers. Additionally, Abby is an accomplished harp player and has aspirations of launching her own individual YouTube channel.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 16 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Kevin Franke
    • Mother: Ruby Franke
    • Siblings: Chad, Eve, Julie, Russell, Shari
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Utah

Abby Franke’s Introduction to YouTube

Abby Franke entered the world of YouTube when her parents created their family channel, ‘8Passengers.’ To help viewers get to know Abby better, a separate introduction video was posted. Since then, Abby has been featured in almost all of her family’s vlogs. However, she is the least active among her siblings and tends to be camera-shy, rarely appearing in family videos. Despite this, Abby has managed to captivate her viewers and has contributed to the channel’s success, which has earned over 2.2 million subscribers.

Abby’s Involvement on YouTube

Unlike her elder sister, Shari, and her elder brother, Chad, Abby does not have her own personal YouTube channel yet. However, it is possible that she may create one once she reaches her teenage years. In the past, Abby had an Instagram account where she gained a following of over 140 thousand followers. She has also been featured on her family’s official Instagram account, where her fans admire her catchy photos.

Abby’s Role in the Family Business

Abby is also involved in her family’s merchandise website, where they sell a collection of their signature accessories and clothing. This allows fans to connect with Abby and her family on a more personal level.

Abby’s Personal Life

Abby Franke was born on April 14, 2007, in Utah, US. She is the third-born child of YouTuber couple Kevin and Ruby. Abby has two elder siblings, Shari and Chad, who are both budding YouTube vloggers. She also has two younger sisters, Julie and Eve, and a younger brother, Russell.

Abby has a close bond with her sister Julie, but she dislikes being referred to as Julie’s twin. Abby treasures her birthday and does not like the idea of sharing it with anyone else. She loves playing the harp and has been learning to play the instrument from a young age. Abby aspires to become a harp teacher in the future.

Abby’s favorite holiday destination is Hawaii, and she prefers beaches over mountains. Her mother, Ruby, helps her choose her outfits and gets her ready for parties. Abby has a love for strawberries and anything in strawberry flavor. Basketball is her favorite sport, and she may join a basketball club in the future. Science is her favorite subject in school, and she enjoys reading maps as a hobby.

Despite being part of a large family, Abby values her alone time and often takes naps when her family is engaged in activities. She cherishes spending time with her family but also appreciates moments of solitude.

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