Aidan Zahn Biography

Aidan Zahn, an American social-media personality and ‘TikTok’ star, has gained fame and a large following through her digital content creation. Inspired by her father’s work at ‘Pixar,’ Aidan developed a passion for acting and filmmaking from a young age. She rose to prominence by uploading lip-sync clips and acting videos on ‘TikTok,’ amassing numerous followers and fans on her account, ‘heckaaidan.’ Additionally, Aidan shares original films on her self-titled ‘YouTube’ channel and has gained a significant presence on ‘Instagram’ with her account, ‘officialaidanzahn.’

Quick Facts

  • Age: 20 Years
  • Family: Mother – Brenda
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
  • U.S. State: California


Aidan Zahn’s father works at the internationally reputed computer animation company ‘Pixar.’ He would often show Aidan a lot of technical details on filmmaking, which gradually led her to develop a passion for acting and filmmaking. She launched her ‘YouTube’ channel on April 10, 2016. She primarily uploads digital content, such as original films. Many of the videos on her ‘YouTube’ channel, such as ‘The Girl I Knew’ and ‘Listen Closely,’ have garnered thousands of views. The channel has so far amassed over 912 subscribers and more than 14 thousand views. Aidan began her journey on ‘’ (now ‘TikTok) in 2017. She posts lip-sync clips and acting videos on the platform. The funny, interesting, and engaging short videos of the charming diva have so far won her more than 610 thousand fans, and an incredible count of over 13.8 million “hearts.” She is also strengthening her social-media presence through her ‘Instagram’ account, ‘officialaidanzahn,’ where she has already accumulated more than 101 thousand followers.

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Family & Personal Life

Aidan Zahn was born on January 4, 2003, in California, US. Not much is known about her family or early life, except that she grew up in California. Her mother’s name is Brenda, and her father works at ‘Pixar.’ She is friends with social-media personalities such as Zoe LaVerne, Jesse Underhill, Skylar Budgett, and Billlyyy.

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