Akidearest Biography

Akidearest is a popular YouTube personality known for her content on anime. With a self-titled channel, she shares videos about anime characters, movie reviews, shopping hauls, cosplays, and makeup tutorials. As an otaku, she expresses her views and opinions on the Japanese term for young people obsessed with popular culture. Despite facing criticism for her anime obsession, Akidearest has formed strong friendships within the anime community, some of whom have contributed to her successful YouTube career. She also engages with her fans by sharing personal information through question and answer videos. As a role model to anime and cosplay enthusiasts, her popularity extends to Instagram, where she has over 468,000 followers, and her YouTube channel boasts over 2.8 million subscribers.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 30 Years
  • Born Country: United States

Love for Anime & YouTube

Akidearest grew up watching anime films and series. It did not take her long to develop an addiction towards anime which eventually led her to fall in love with cosplay. But it was not easy for her to exhibit her love for anime characters in the open. She was bullied and laughed at for her weird appearance. She often came home sad and depressed.

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Finding Confidence Through Anime

When she was struggling to stand up against the bullies, Akidearest turned towards her favorite anime characters and incorporated the style of those characters into her life. This boosted her confidence and also gave her an idea on how to present herself in public.

Creating a YouTube Channel

In order to help other anime lovers with similar problems and to let others know about cosplay, Akidearest created her self-titled YouTube channel. She posted her first video in 2014, in which she reacted to a love scene from the anime series, ‘DMMD.’ The video received mixed reactions with a few criticizing the choice of her first video.

Gaining Popularity

It took quite a long time for Akidearest to gain some popularity. In order to add some variety to her channel, she started posting videos on anime movie reviews, customized anime and manga subscription boxes and makeup tutorials. Akidearest was then labeled as an otaku for her obsession with anime.

Collaborations and Sponsored Videos

For one of her videos, she collaborated with a fellow YouTuber named CrankGameplays in which she asked him to guess the names of various anime characters. She then posted a vlog about her visit to one of the most haunted places in Japan, the suicide forest. The video was sponsored by Odigo, a travel agency.

Popular Videos

Akidearest posted an unboxing video in which she also reviewed Crunchyroll, an anime subscription box. She then took up the famous whisper challenge along with other YouTubers like Joey, Lost Pause and Misty Chronexia. Among her most watched videos, ‘5 Songs That Will Change the Way You See Vocaloid’ is on the top with millions of views.

Inspiration and Popularity

Over the period, Akidearest has earned huge popularity among other otakus and has emerged as an inspiration to a number of anime lovers. With more than 2.8 million subscribers on her channel, Akidearest is one of the most famous YouTube stars.

Personal Life & Family

Akidearest was born on February 16, 1993, in the United States. Her real name is Agnes Usagi Diego and she is of a Filipino descent. She has a younger sister and has featured her mother in a couple of her videos.

In one such video, her mother spoke about Akidearest’s childhood. She also said that she wanted her daughter to become a nurse. However, Akidearest’s parents are now proud of what their daughter is doing.

Her mother even told that she and her daughter have similar traits and habits. They both like to stay at home and are not great when it comes to socializing with others. This is probably one of the reasons behind Akidearest’s career choice. However, her mother still has mixed feelings about her daughter’s addiction for anime.

According to her, anime may cause many personality disorders as it often has a strong impact on teenagers. On the other hand, she is happy that anime has provided her daughter with a career option and an identity. The other video, on which Akidearest’s mother appeared, was a movie review. She reviewed the movie, ‘Grave of the Fireflies.’

Akidearest has reportedly dated Joey Bizinger (The Anime Man).

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