Alex Clark Biography

Alex Clark is a YouTube star known for his animated, comic, prank, and challenge videos. With over 1.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘itsalexclark’, Alex stands out from his contemporaries by conveying his stories through animation. He has won the ‘People’s Choice Award’ four times and is highly active on social media, regularly posting videos. As an avid traveler, Alex has visited numerous countries to promote his videos and channel. Additionally, his juggling acts have garnered a dedicated fan base.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 38 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Arianna and Aubrey
  • U.S. State: Virginia

The YouTube Story

Alex was passionate about comedy right from his childhood. He also had a liking towards animation and cartoon characters. He grew up watching movies based on the fictional character, Aladdin. His passion for animation led him to pursue a course in portrait drawing. This eventually helped him establish a career in animation and comedy.

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Alex started performing his comical and juggling acts on the streets. After performing in the US for quite some time, he started performing in other countries as well. He performed in more than seven countries and earned a lot of accolades for his juggling acts. Alex then decided to reach a wider audience as he wanted to entertain more and more people. With this aim in mind, he created his YouTube channel in 2012 and named it ‘itsalexclark’.

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Initially, he posted only stand-up comedies on his channel. Some of his most popular stand-up comedies include, ‘Grandmother Stabs Granddaughter’, ‘Naughty girl throws puppies into river’ and ‘Top secret Broadcast’ among many. Before posting animated videos, he wanted to acquire enough money to come up with high quality animation.

It took him five years to become a well-known performer in social media. By then, he had already posted many ‘Question and Answer’ videos and also hosted a meet and greet. The kind of response that he received at the meet and greet event motivated him to post animated videos. He faced a lot of difficulties in creating animated characters as it required long hours of editing and sketching. So, he came up with an alternative technology, known as motion sketching.

Initially, he posted a few videos that were made using motion sketching technology. The first video made using this technology was titled ‘How to ask a girl out’. When this video became a hit among his fans and viewers, Alex started posting a series of videos under the title, ‘About a Girl’. Some of the videos that he posted under this category include, ‘How I Impressed my Crush’, ‘Love at First Sight’ and ‘Cute notes from Girls’.

Alex’s mainstream animated videos came in after about a year he began posting motion sketching videos. One of his most popular animated videos was titled ‘Twas the pimp before Christmas’. This video was a satire on how Santa gives away so many gifts during Christmas. Then, he posted a few videos like ‘How to Fight: Birth of The Pickle Dipper’ and ‘Okstupid: The Stupid Truth of Internet Dating’.

Today, Alex has his own animation studio where he creates and edits his videos. In an attempt to reach a wider audience, Alex created a web page as well. This is a collaborative effort where his fans can invest and can also join his creative team. He also makes his fans happy by providing them with attractive giveaways every now and then. This also attracts more number of viewers and subscribers. Also, in his web page, he has included a FAQ section, information about his tours, section for his fans to showcase their own talent and also a section where people can write their blogs.

Personal Life

Alex Clark was born on February 1, 1985, in Virginia, USA. He grew up, along with his younger sisters, Arianna, and Aubrey. As a child, he once won a greeting card-making competition. Alex graduated from a high school of performing arts situated in Massachusetts. He learnt the act of juggling during his school days. Alex aspires to become a great animator and wants to direct his own Disney movie.

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