Almazbek Atambayev Biography

Almazbek Atambayev, the President of Kyrgyzstan since December 1, 2011, has a long and impressive political career. Prior to his presidency, he served as the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan and made history as the first peacefully inaugurated President in post-Communist Kyrgyzstan. With a background in business, Atambayev entered politics through the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz SSR and has held various positions including minister of industry, trade, and tourism, head of the United People’s Movement, and multiple terms as Prime Minister. During his presidency, Atambayev focused on establishing economic independence for Kyrgyzstan by strengthening trade relations with Turkey and Russia. Despite staging protests against the corrupt governance of the previous President, Atambayev received appreciation for his work.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Almazbek Sharshenovich Atambayev
  • Age: 67 Years, 67 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Buazhar Atambayev, Raisa Atambayev
    • Children: Aliya Atambayev, Diana Atambayev, Dinara Atambayev, Khadyrbek Atambayev, Seyit Atambayev, Seytek Atambayev
  • Prime Ministers
  • Political Leaders
  • Height: 5’9″ (175 cm), 5’9″ Males
  • Notable Alumni: State University Of Management
  • Education: State University Of Management

Childhood & Early Life

Almazbek Atambayev was born on 17 September 1956 in Arashan (Chui’s northern region.), Kyrgyzstan. He enrolled at the Moscow Institute of Management for studying economics.


Post his education, he went on to join the publishing business where he did exceptionally well, eventually becoming the director of manufacturing companies. For a span of four years (1983 – 1987), he serviced the Supreme Council of the Kyrgyz SSR. Atambayev was one of the founding members of the Social Democratic Party in 1999 and appointed as the chairman of the same in 1999. He did not find any success in the presidential election of October, 2000 wherein he received only 6% of the votes. Being appointed as the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism on 20th December, 2005, he served the government till April, 2006; post which he was seen as an active participant in various protests against the government. During November, 2006, he led a protest during ‘For Reform’ movement in Bishkek. Post the resignation of the Prime Minister, Azim Isabekov in March, 2007, the President, Kurmanbek Bakiyev appointed Atambayev as the acting Prime Minister. His Prime Ministerial post was later confirmed on 30th March by the parliamentary vote of 48-3, thus becoming the first Prime Minister ever to come from the opposition party. The then President Bakiyev announced the resignation of Atambayev’s government on 24 October 2007 but the government was to remain in office until after a parliamentary election in December. Atambayev resigned on 28 November, 2007 despite the referendum that permitted him to continue in office till December’s parliamentary election. He was elected as the head of the United People’s Movement in 2008. Even after being declared a prospective candidate for the Kyrgyz presidential elections of July 2009, he withdrew his candidature in the election on the polling day on the grounds of widespread fraud. From April 2010 to December 2010, Atambayev served as deputy chairman of the interim government. After the Parliamentary elections of 2010, Atambayev became the Prime Minister when his Social Democratic Party was in coalition with a revised constitution. Later in October 2011, he became the President of Kyrgyzstan with 63% votes in succession to Roza Otunbayeva after leaving behind Adakhan Madumarov from the Butun Kyrgyzstan party and Kamchybek Tashiev from the Ata-Zhurt party.


Atambayev’s role as President was remarkable as seen by the efforts he made to improvise trade relations with other countries. He was seen doing justice to the Presidential post by paying early visits to Turkey in 2011 to sign agreements to hike trade and foreign investment to $1 billion by 2015 and $450 million respectively. Atambayev has displayed interest in the strengthening economic ties with Russia and also showed willingness to join the Russian led Eurasian Customs Union. Looking at the long term perspective, he had plans to implement the withdrawal of the American base from Kyrgyzstan in 2014 and in turn develop closer ties with Russia for its economic and energy autonomy in future. For Kyrgyzstan’s Kant airbase, Atambayev called for a sum of $15 million that Russia owed to Kyrgyzstan while on a visit to Moscow in 2012.

Personal Life & Legacy

Atambaev married Buazhar from whom he had four children (2 sons and 2 daughters). The couple later separated. He later got married to an ethnic Tatar doctor, Raisa in 1988 and from this marriage too he has two children- a boy and a girl.

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