Andres B Biography

Andres B, also known as Papa Bee, is a prominent Viner, vlogger, and YouTuber. Along with his wife Rosanna, known as Mamma Bee, and their two children, Mr. and Miss Bee, Andres founded the YouTube channel Eh Bee in 2013. Starting as a marketer and webmaster, Andres turned to uploading videos on Vine before creating the vlogging channel Eh Bee on YouTube. Known for their hilarious spoofs and skits, the Eh Bee family quickly gained popularity in the world of family entertainment. Andres has also collaborated with well-known brands such as Samsung, Toyota, and Disney, earning a small fortune. Their success was recognized with the Armstrong Vine Award in 2015 and the Shorty Award in the following year.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Papa Bee
  • Age: 46 Years
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Mama Bee
    • Children: Miss Monkey, Mr. Monkey
  • Born Country: Chile

Personal Life

Andres B was born on November 25, 1977, in Chile. He later relocated to Canada. He is married to Rosanna who hails from Uruguay and divides his working time between Los Angeles and Ontario. He has two children, a son, and a daughter.


Andres B, a Chilean by birth, migrated to Canada when he was a youngster in order to lay the foundations for a successful professional career. In the initial phase of his career, he was involved with the designing and development of websites as well as gathered experience as a marketing professional.

From February 2013 onwards, he slowly and gradually took to posting footage on Vine. Andre recorded satirical and humorous video clippings with the intention of cheering up families. It was sometime in May 2013, that Andres created a YouTube channel following a buzz that Vine might discontinue its video-sharing service.

Andres’ wife and children assisted him in laying the groundwork for developing a family-friendly YouTube channel which was named Eh Bee. The inspiration for naming the channel came from Andres’ initials A.B. which sounds similar to Eh Bee and at the same time, the unconventional title offered a cloak of anonymity. The term “eh” usually is an expression signifying surprise or astonishment could also be the reason behind the channel’s wacky name.

Each and every family member was actively involved in popularizing the family YouTube channel and everybody had a nickname. Andres’ children were very young when he commenced posting videos and the introductory footage uploaded on Vine showed Gabrielle nicknamed Miss Bee with a pink-colored guitar. In the latter part of the video, Andre’s son (Mr. Bee) is seen brandishing a snowman in the outdoors.

Andres B, together with his close-knit family, routinely uploads videos on different social media sites, besides YouTube, and many of these uploads give a funny spin to numerous hip-hop numbers. The Eh Bee family channel has a massive subscriber base with over 10.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 137.6K followers on Twitter, and 1.7 million followers on Instagram. The family-oriented parodies and satires have been lapped up by millions of followers and earned Andre many awards, including the Shorty Award in 2016, and the Armstrong Vine Grand Prize in 2015. He also has 3 more channels named ‘Bee Family Gaming,’ which is dedicated to gaming content, ‘Bee Family Shorts,’ where he posts short-form content, and ‘Familia Bee,’ a channel made for the Spanish-speaking audience. The channels have a combined subscriber count of over 234k.

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