Andrew Burriss Biography

Andrew Burriss is a social media star, best known for his appearances in his famous brothers’ YouTube videos. With a knack for stealing the limelight from a young age, Andrew has become a favorite among his brothers’ millions of subscribers. His adorability has won over fans on Twitter and Instagram, where he boasts over 63,000 and 352,000 followers respectively. Andrew’s popularity even extends to the Philippines, where he has an official street team based in Manila.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 21 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Aaron, Alex, Mariah
  • Height: 5’11” (180 cm)
  • U.S. State: North Carolina

Childhood & Early Life

Andrew Burriss was born on December 17, 2002 in North Carolina, United States of America. During his growing up days, Andrew was featured in many of his brothers’ YouTube videos, which made him popular. Some of the videos in which he was featured as a kid include ‘How to Make Your Brother Laugh,’ ‘Bean Boozled Challenge,’ ‘Late Night Jacuzzi Swim ft. Alex Wassabi,’ and ‘How to Make Slime.’ Though he was initially shy, he gradually became confident of facing the camera. At the age of 11, he created his Twitter page. Around the same time, he also came up with his Instagram account and started posting content of his own.

Social Media Career

Andrew Burriss is immensely popular on Instagram, where he has more than 352,000 followers. Many of his Instagram posts feature his family members, with his brothers featuring in most of them. Also, the pictures and video clips posted on his account usually depict his lifestyle and his love for traveling. On May 6, 2014, he created a Twitter page, which currently has more than 63,000 followers. He also has a YouTube channel, which was created on June 27, 2013. However, he is yet to post videos on his channel, which is named ‘Drew TubeHD.’ Despite not having any content, his YouTube channel has already gathered more than 38,000 subscribers. Andrew Burriss’ popularity is such that he has many fan pages across social media platforms and an official street team based in Manila, Philippines.

Personal Life & Family

Andrew Burriss, who is currently studying at a public school in the United States, is of mixed origin with his roots tracing back to The Philippines. He spends a lot of time with his brothers Alex and Aaron, and is also close to his sister Mariah. He also likes spending time with his niece Malaya Burriss, who was born to his sister on February 2, 2013. Malaya often appears on his Instagram posts and so do his parents. He also likes featuring his pet dog Pogi on his social media posts. Apart from appearing on Andrew’s Instagram posts, Pogi has its own Instagram page, which has managed to collect more than 85,000 followers so far. Andrew prefers spending his spare time by playing basketball and video games. He also loves watching movies and TV shows with his brothers. Though he is currently known as a social media personality, he wants to pursue a career in writing in the near future.

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