Andrew Gregory Biography

Andrew Gregory is a Canadian social media star who gained fame through his relationship with popular star Kristen Hancher. Together, they created numerous TikTok videos, showcasing their talent for lip-syncing and dancing. Their presence extended to Instagram, where they shared entertaining content. However, it was an accidental live-stream on Instagram that truly put them in the spotlight. The video, which turned out to be their sex tape, unexpectedly propelled their popularity to new heights. Despite the embarrassing incident, Andrew managed to amass a large fan following across various social media platforms. On his Instagram page, he captivates his 151,000 followers with stylish and elegant-filled pictures.

Quick Facts

  • Born Country: Canada
  • City: Toronto, Canada
  • Girlfriend: Kristen
  • Age: 24 Years, 24 Year Old Males

Social Media Fame

Andrew never wanted to make a career out of social media. But he changed his plans after beginning a relationship with one of the most popular TikTok stars, Kristen Hancher. Her popularity and fame had a great influence on Andrew and he eventually followed in her footsteps.

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He really liked the idea of being approached by autograph-seeking strangers. He was once deeply moved when a little girl, who was battling cancer, approached Kristen for a selfie. All these factors helped Andrew in making the all-important career decision, post which he started posting videos on

He started off by collaborating with Kristen and came up with dance and lip-sync videos. Andrew’s TikTok (earlier known as account gradually became famous and he gained prominence as an internet celebrity.

Andrew Gregory later started posting solo videos on Instagram and that was when his video-making skills were actually put to the test. He managed to gather fans by posting a variety of videos, such as comedy, dance, rap, and lip-sync videos. His favorite TikTok video is the one in which he’s seen dancing around, wearing his mother’s dress!

Instagram played a crucial role in making Andrew hog the limelight. Apart from posting videos, he also started posting his pictures, which were clicked along with Kristen. Though it is against Instagram policies, Andrew and Kristen kept posting intimate and objectionable photographs.

Controversy and Fame

Kristen was once streaming a live video when suddenly she got into an argument with Andrew Gregory, which heated up in no time. After a while, the couple was seen making up for each other’s mistakes and they eventually got intimate. Unfortunately, Kristen had left her camera on and hence, the entire act was live-streamed.

When the video went viral all over the internet, the couple had to face embarrassment and several hate comments. However, the situation came under control after a while. The controversy also turned Andrew Gregory into a major internet celebrity.

YouTube and Web Series

Andrew Gregory has also appeared in a couple of videos hosted on Kristen’s YouTube channel. They have appeared in a number of challenge videos, tags, and question-answer videos. All their videos have decent viewership. Andrew, who also has an interest in streetwear fashion, posts several pictures showcasing different outfits. He often poses in front of cars and tags the name of the brands that he wears for his photos.

Andrew Gregory starred in a web series titled Attaway Appeal, which was created under One Push Productions. Andrew is currently working towards polishing his acting skills as he is aiming to star in a television show. His career plans also include tours and collaborations, which would certainly increase his popularity.

Personal Life

Andrew Gregory was born on October 14, 1999, in Toronto, Canada. He hardly talks about his family members. Not much is known about his educational qualifications either.

Andrew Gregory enjoys playing guitar. He also composes music in his spare time. Andrew started dating Kristen in April 2016. They were often spotted together on social media and were considered a power couple. However, they decided to part ways in 2018 much to the shock of their fans.

Andrew Gregory’s favorite TikTok star is Cash Noguchi. In fact, he considers Noguchi as his inspiration. Andrew is addicted to Instagram and enjoys checking the number of likes acquired by his photographs.

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