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Meet Ashley Mae Besson-Frantzich, the Instagram star who gained fame as the sister of YouNow sensation and ‘Why Don’t We’ singer Corbyn Besson. As her brother’s band gained popularity, Ashley’s photos started appearing on his Instagram feed, catching the attention of his curious fans. With her charming personality and diverse interests, Ashley quickly became a social media influencer, collaborating with popular brands and amassing thousands of followers. Now with over 174,000 followers on Instagram, Ashley regularly connects with her fans through live sessions and aspires to become a successful model and photographer in the future.

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: Connor Pawlowski
  • Age: 22 Years
  • Family: Siblings: Corbyn
  • U.S. State: Florida

Rise to Fame

Ashley Besson grew up in an era when Internet celebrities have become very influential, and her brother is also one of them. Earlier, she was known as the sister of the YouNow sensation Corbyn Besson. However, she has now become popular in her own right and boasts an Instagram following of around 175k.

Since she is close to her brother, she often accompanies him and his friends to the concerts and tours of his band ‘Why Don’t We’. Many fans who wanted to know about Corbyn’s family and personal life naturally went to his Instagram page. After seeing Ashley’s pictures on his page, they got more curious about her life.

While Ashley mostly posted photographs of her daily life, her Instagram page started attracting more and more followers by the day. Her keen sense of photography coupled with her stunning beauty increased her fan following. In no time, she had several thousand followers on the photo-sharing app. Her unending support and constant encouragement for her brother’s music attracted even more teenagers, and she soon became a minor celebrity.

Unfortunately, her Instagram account was hacked in December 2017, and she had to begin her social media journey all over again. It didn’t deter Ashley, and she was confident that her followers would come back to her.

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Despite a major setback, Ashley’s new account saw a steady increase in follower count, and it soon crossed over 100,000 users. Shortly after that, she was asked by many brands to represent them on her social media channel as an influencer. Her clients include the natural cosmetics brand ‘Muddy Body’ and the clothing company ‘Orange Juice the Brand’. She previously collaborated with ‘TolyTolly’, a fashion lens making firm. In 2018, she joined the ‘Love Your Melon’ influencer program, an apparel company that donated 50% of its profits to charity. While she is yet to work with bigger brands, her rising popularity indicates that a brighter future is lurking just around the corner for her. While Ashley has no concrete plans for the future, she is hoping to make it big on Instagram and later embark on a career as a model or photographer. Currently, Ashley has over 174,000 followers on Instagram and is also active on Twitter and Snapchat. She regularly takes the time to chat with her followers by going live on Instagram.

Family & Personal Life

Ashley Mae Besson-Frantzich was born on November 7, 2001 in Florida. She grew up with two brothers in Virginia. The 17 years old attended the Centreville High School in Virginia. Her brother Corbyn Besson is a popular singer-songwriter who became famous as a YouNow broadcaster. His popularity increased when he became part of the boy band ‘Why Don’t We’. Ashley has another brother called Jordan Besson.

She is currently in a relationship with Connor Pawlowski, a promising sportsperson. The couple has been dating for more than nine months and does not shy away from expressing their love for each other on social media. Ashley frequently posts photos of them spending time together. Her hobbies include travelling, listening to music and watching sports. Her favorite celebrities are Shawn Mendes and Jonah Marais. Jonah happens to be one of the members of Corbyn’s boyband ‘Why don’t We’. Ashley also enjoys photography and boasts a VSCO channel where she regularly showcases her clicks.


In February 2018, Ashley Besson’s brother Corbyn tweeted that he had forgotten to follow his sister back on Twitter, which led to a humorous banter among their fans.

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