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Alyx Weiss, better known as “Ayydubs,” is a popular American social-media personality who has gained massive popularity for her series ‘Filming with My Tinder Date.’ Through this series, Ayydubs shares her experiences with ‘Tinder’ dates and discusses relationships, dating sites, and other related topics. She is highly opinionated about debatable subjects and has served as an inspiration to many when she came out as gay. Ayydubs’ ‘YouTube’ channel, which was initially focused on fashion and beauty, now features comedy vlogs, pranks, challenges, storytime videos, advice videos, and other entertaining content. Her most popular video segment is the ‘HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK.’ Ayydubs has built an impressive fan base, particularly for her bold and real-life content. Although she had a second ‘YouTube’ channel, she recently deleted all the videos from it.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Alyx Weiss
  • Age: 28 Years, 28 Year Old Females
  • Family: siblings: and Zoe, Jamie, Sam
  • Height: 5’2″ (157 cm), 5’2″ Females
  • U.S. State: Rhode Island

Social-Media Fame

Ayydubs stepped into the social-media arena as she was bored of life. She enjoyed watching ‘YouTube’ videos and decided to create a channel of her own. Ayydubs was interested in beauty and fashion and soon created a channel titled ‘ayydubs.’ Her first clothing haul was posted in 2012. For the first three years, Ayydubs could not decide what sort of content she should post. She later developed an interest in comedy. Ayydubs began creating comedy-related content and eventually learned a lot about the genre. The channel now hosts vlogs, advice videos, skits, sketches, and other such content.

In her storytime videos, Ayydubs shares a lot of embarrassing stories and awkward experiences that people would normally avoid discussing. This quality of hers caught the attention of many and eventually helped her channel grow. Soon, she launched an online dating series, ‘Filming with My Tinder Date.’ The series has her sharing her experiences with ‘Tinder’ dates. Ayydubs realized that not many are gutsy enough to go on ‘Tinder’ dates, and that is where she found the potential for a series. The series takes the audiences through Ayydubs’s hilarious, awkward, and amazing experiences with ‘Tinder’ dates.

Soon, Ayydubs released a video titled ‘I’m Probably Gay,’ in which she discussed her sexuality. The video received an impressive viewership and led her to post more such videos. The video had her revealing that she was gay. Ayydubs then began the ‘Future By Me’ series, in partnership with ‘Microsoft Surface.’ In the series, she answers questions regarding academic choices, image issues, and other such topics. The questions are collected from ‘Tumblr.’ She also provides suggestions regarding dating, relationships, and other teen-adult issues. Another popular video segment on the channel is ‘HIDDEN CAMERA UBER PRANK,’ where she pretends to be an ‘Uber’ driver and plays various characters to prank her clients. Her ‘YouTube’ channel has now crossed 46 million views and has over 916 thousand subscribers.

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‘Ayydubs’ had also created her second channel, ‘TheDailyDubs,’ which was primarily a vlogging space. However, she has now deleted all the videos on the channel. She started vlogging on this channel during her junior year of high school. It is believed that since she is now a graduate, she no longer wants people to see her old videos, pictures, or posts. She apparently finds her earlier posts cringe-worthy. The channel has accumulated over 197 thousand subscribers. Ayydubs’s gutsy posts on ‘Instagram’ have earned her over 170 thousand followers.

Some of her other noteworthy projects include the 2016 drama ‘AWOL,’ the TV miniseries ‘Sleep Tight,’ and the talk show ‘Zall Good.’ She attended the 2016 ‘Streamy Awards’ in Los Angeles.

Personal Life

‘Ayydubs’ was born Alyx Weiss, on November 17, 1995, in Providence, Rhode Island, US. She has three sisters, namely Jamie, Sam, and Zoe. Ayydubs’s mother is from New Jersey and is an oncologist and hematologist. Ayydubs currently lives in West Los Angeles, California.

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Ayydubs’s favorite city is New Hampshire, where her uncle owns a lake house. As a child, she would visit the house twice a year. One of her favorite TV shows is ‘Hulu’s ‘I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman.’ She loves Sarah Silverman for her wit and sense of humor. She never misses a single episode of this hit American TV show.

Ayydubs has a strange fetish for socks. She owns a large collection of socks. Ayydubs wants to direct and produce TV shows someday. She also plans to live in a foreign country for a while.

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