Bailey Dedrick Biography

Bailey Dedrick, an American YouTuber, has gained popularity through her self-titled channel. From a young age, Bailey had a passion for creating videos and started her own channel at the age of ten. Initially focusing on everyday routines and adventures, Bailey’s vlogs gradually expanded to include popular themes such as pranks, hauls, and challenges. With a growing fan base, her videos have reached over 1 million views and she currently has 116k subscribers on YouTube. Alongside her YouTube presence, Bailey also shares moments with her family and friends on Instagram. As a high-school student, Bailey plans to continue making vlogs as a hobby and pursue her passions.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 18 Years
  • Family: Siblings: Noah
  • U.S. State: Wisconsin

Rise to Fame

In 2015, Bailey Dedrick, all of just ten, decided to jump on the YouTube bandwagon. The rise of social media as a popular source on entertainment had inspired many adults and youngsters alike to take a stab at it. Bailey, too, was interested in making her presence felt and she realized vlogging was one of the easiest ways she could talk about her day and chronicle her adventures online. Before she joined YouTube, she used to record little vlogs of herself on her mother’s camera and would imagine herself as a YouTuber. She started off with simple, family-related content that focused on her everyday life and activities. Her first video was titled ‘If My Brain Was a Person’ and was uploaded on May 2015. She followed this up with videos such as ‘Morning Routine’ and ‘Pinterest let me down! (Fail)’

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Bailey focused on talking about her interests and knew that her fan base would mostly include people of her age, who followed similar things. Soon enough, she had attracted enough followers to focus on a broader range of content, including pranks, collaborations, and fun YouTube challenges.

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Despite an early start, Bailey started actively vlogging only in 2017. She found the time to actively post and interact with her fans and at the same time, collaborated with many other tweens. Her journey as a tween to a teenager involved videos of her school life, pranks played at local stores, makeup for teenagers, and other school hauls. Since she is close to graduating from high school, many fans are eager to follow her journey into college through her vlogs.

Apart from YouTube, Bailey is also active on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, she is most popular on Instagram among the three. She currently has two Instagram accounts. She dedicates her main account to her personal life and provides a glimpse into her normal routine. Bailey Dedrick is also interested in fashion and hopes to enter the fashion industry someday. Her second Instagram account focuses on fashion exclusively, and she has released her own set of merchandise as well.

Family & Personal Life

Bailey Dedrick was born on February 23, 2005 in Wisconsin. While she hasn’t revealed a lot about her parents, it is known that her parents are divorced. She has two brothers. Her older brother, Noah Dedrick, is also a regular on her videos and the duo is quite close to each other. Her hobbies include shopping, sports, and fashion. She loves to watch basketball and volleyball and is a trained volleyball player as well. She also loves watching new TV series, and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is among her favorite shows. Apart from this, Bailey is obsessed with squishy toys and collects them regularly. Her collection often features in her videos.


  • Her favorite color is navy blue, and her favorite cereal to eat at breakfast is Fruity Loops.

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