Ben Taylor Biography

Ben Taylor is a popular internet star who gained fame through the short video sharing platform Vine. Starting in 2013, he posted videos featuring his pet dog Sunny, which quickly gained a large viewership. Ben then expanded his content to include skits, parody videos, and singing, attracting regional attention in his area. By the end of 2016, he had amassed 420,000 followers on Vine. Despite his success, Ben chose to focus solely on creating short videos and did not venture into other popular platforms like YouTube.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Hungrybenny
  • Age: 22 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Texas

Ben Taylor’s Unique Positioning Strategy

Ben Taylor rose to stardom by implementing a unique positioning strategy as an entertainer. Instead of competing with a large number of Vine stars, he decided to focus on a specific geographical territory. By creating videos that would appeal to his fans in the Texas area, he was able to increase his fame drastically.

The Closure of Vine and the Need for New Avenues

Twitter has announced its plans to close down Vine over the next few years in order to control costs. As a result, no new uploads of videos are allowed on the network. This means that Vine stars like Ben Taylor need to find new avenues, such as Instagram or YouTube, to continue growing and stay relevant in the highly competitive media industry.

What Makes Ben Taylor Special

Ben Taylor’s videos are known for being peppy and filled with fun. The fact that he shoots most of his videos from his car adds a unique element to his content. As a comedian, he cleverly incorporates comedy into his videos to increase their appeal. In addition to being a talented entertainer, Ben is also a singer and songwriter. His songs are posted on his SoundCloud page and are freely accessible to all visitors. This alternative source of income has helped him differentiate himself from other Vine stars.

Beyond Fame

Ben Taylor is known for maintaining cordial relations with his costars and avoiding major controversies in the mass media. He also collaborates with other Vine stars to promote his content. In 2013, he created a video titled “A Brandon Calvillo Joint” in which he tagged a more popular Vine star named Brandon Calvillo. This collaboration helped increase his visibility and reach a wider audience.

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