Benjamin Lasnier Biography

Benjamin Lasnier, also known as the ‘Danish Justin Bieber’, is a singer who gained fame through his massive social media fan-base. Despite coming from a non-musical background, Benjamin took a unique approach to achieve his dreams. Starting with Instagram, he gradually expanded his presence to platforms like Twitter and YouTube, gaining popularity on each one. In 2013, he signed a record deal with Sony Music, Denmark, but faced delays in recording his first single. However, with the help of Swedish talent scout Peter Swartling, Benjamin released his debut single ‘You’ve Got My Number’ in December 2014. Since then, he has released several successful singles and even won the MTV Europe Music Awards for ‘Best Danish Act’ in 2016.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 24 Years
  • Family: Mother – Merete Lasnier, Siblings – Amanda, Marius, Olivia
  • Occupation: Pop Singers
  • Nationality: Danish
  • Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Starting with just a video that he had posted on Instagram, Benjamin Lasnier is now an international star. However, it was his cousin Rebekka who first convinced him to join Instagram in 2013, while sitting in a restaurant in Denmark. She helped Benjamin set up an account, after which he posted a funny video on Instagram. By the time he had finished his pizza, he had over 50 likes on his video from all over the world. This is when the young boy realized that he could make it big on the social media platform. He followed the profiles of a few famous Instagram personalities to learn from them. He started to take his pictures from different angles to make his photos look more dynamic. He kept posting on the site regularly, and soon his photos started to appear on Instagram’s popular page. It took him just a month to get 70 thousand followers on Instagram.

What Makes Benjamin Lasnier So Special

Uploading 12 pictures a day on Instagram may not sound too surprising to some young social media users out there, but getting between 50 and 60 thousand likes on most of those pictures is certainly a great feat. It, however, was not a stroke of luck for Benjamin Lasnier. As soon as he started to gain followers, Benjamin took his new-found social media fame so seriously that he spent hours to study what famous people were doing on social media and when people from different time zones became active on various social media platforms. He not only fine-tuned the contents of his posted, but also made a timetable of when to post them. He even set alarms to be ready for his fans from different countries. With this clever strategy, he took his interactions with his fans to the next level, and within weeks, the number of his followers skyrocketed. His unique way of posting on Instagram, often with endearing captions dedicated to his fans, makes his fans feel like he is directly speaking to them. His huge fan base even has a name for them: ‘Benzilers’. There was a time when he was popular mainly because of his physical resemblance with pop star Justin Beiber. However, with his enormous fan following and growing fame as a singer, he has acquired his own identity as a performer. The 17-year-old singer already has a book written on him by Katrine Memborg.

Beyond Fame

Benjamin Lasnier’s dream of being a singer has been the driving force behind all his strategy on social media. After gaining fame as the “Instagram Boy”, in an attempt to rebrand his image, he even started to limit the number of selfies he posted on Instagram. Incidentally, once Benjamin started to expand his reach into the music industry, he gradually became too busy for social media. The boy, who once posted a dozen pictures on Instagram alone, now excuses himself to fans for being irregular. However, all that is not for nothing. Benjamin recently revealed to his fans that he is busy on making “killer songs” for his fans. Benjamin has also released his own clothing line named BeLasnier Fashion Collection.

Behind The Curtains

Born on 2nd April, 1999, in Luxembourg, Benjamin was raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. His mother is Danish while his father is French. He has three younger siblings, Amanda, Olivia and Marius. It was his mother, Merete Lasnier, who supported him in following his ambition after she found out about his large fan following. She is also the one who encourages the young entertainer to ignore abusive comments on social media.


Benjamin’s dog, Batman, had over 42k followers on Instagram at one point.

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