Biswa Kalyan Rath Biography

Biswa Kalyan Rath, an Indian stand-up comedian and YouTuber, has captured the audience’s fancy with his hilarious take on reviewing Bollywood movies. Alongside fellow stand-up comic Kanan Gill, he created the cult YouTube destination, Pretentious Movie Reviews. Since then, Biswa has ventured into other endeavors, including his own YouTube channel and collaborations with online streaming platforms. With a presence on Twitter and Facebook, he continues to entertain his fans with his crazy one-liners.

Quick Facts

  • Nick Name: Biswa
  • Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males
  • Stand-up Comedians
  • Indian Men
  • Height: 5’9″ (175 cm), 5’9″ Males
  • Education: IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal

Childhood & Early Life

Biswa Kalyan Rath was born into a middle-class Oriya family in Bhubaneshwar. His father, who worked for the State Bank of India, was frequently transferred to new locations every two years, causing Biswa to move around the state of Odisha throughout his childhood. He attended various schools in Odisha, which later became a source of inspiration for his comedic material.

After completing school, Biswa moved to Vishakhapatnam to prepare for the IIT entrance exam. He enrolled in one of the coaching centers in the city and successfully cracked the IIT-JEE. He then went on to study Biotechnology at IIT Kharagpur.

Following his graduation, Biswa decided to pursue a career in a creative field. He started working as a graphic designer in Bangalore and later transitioned into a software role for Oracle in the same city.

How Fame found Biswa

While working in Bangalore, Biswa developed an interest in stand-up comedy after attending a writer’s workshop. He began attending various comedy shows in the city and eventually mustered the courage to participate in open mic events. Over the next few years, he honed his content and people skills by performing at different events in Bangalore, which had a thriving stand-up comedy scene. It was at one of these events that he met his future comedy partner, Kanan Gill.

Biswa and Kanan decided to collaborate and create something unique. They settled on creating funny takes on stereotypical Bollywood movies from the 80s and 90s. They started a series called “Pretentious Movie Reviews,” where they dissected and provided hilarious commentary on bad movies. The episodes went viral on YouTube and were widely shared on other social media platforms.

Biswa’s USP

Biswa’s sense of humor is wry and not everyone’s cup of tea. He has the appearance of a geeky software engineer, complete with thick glasses and a lanky frame. His serious persona adds to the humor as he delivers jokes with a straight face. His delivery is simple and straightforward, without relying on pregnant pauses like many other comedians. His unique personality and brand of comedy have endeared him to audiences.

Biswa is the only renowned comedian from the state of Odisha, and through his content, he provides a rare glimpse into the life of a common Oriya man. He also tackles socially relevant issues such as depression and youth suicide in his performances. After sharing his own battle with depression on Facebook, he has used his platform as a youth icon to raise awareness and offer support.

What to Watch Out For

Biswa has been signed on by Only Much Louder (OML) for a comedic venture along with 14 other premier stand-up comedians in India. His segment, titled “Biswa Mast Admi,” is exclusively featured on Amazon Prime Videos in 200 countries worldwide. Although Pretentious Movie Reviews are currently on hold, Biswa and Kanan have promised their YouTube viewers that they may return with new episodes in the future.

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