Bobby Mares Biography

Meet Bobby Mares, the American YouTuber and vlogger who has taken the online world by storm. With a knack for creating entertaining content, Bobby’s channel is filled with tags, challenges, and hilarious videos that have captivated a large audience. Collaborating with established YouTube stars has been a game-changer for Bobby, as his subscriber count continues to soar. But his talents don’t stop there – Bobby is also a talented musician, having worked alongside renowned singers like Stephen Jerzak. With a strong presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Bobby is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 33 Years
  • Height: 5’10” (178 cm)
  • U.S. State: New Mexico

Social Media Fame & Music

Before getting famous on social media, Bobby started as a musician. He fused music using technology and came up with something new that music lovers hadn’t heard before.

In 2009, Bobby released his first album titled ‘My Genuine Find.’ The first song from the album, released on iTunes, received positive reviews from critics and music lovers. He went on to release more songs such as ‘Think of You,’ ‘Hello Universe,’ ‘A Lot like Love,’ and more.

One of Bobby’s songs titled ‘What We Imagined’ was recorded and produced by famous music producer and rapper Kevin Gates. Bobby also became a featured artist for the cover version of the track ‘What’s My Name.’

However, Bobby received mostly negative reviews from critics who considered his music to be nothing more than ‘manipulative junk.’ Excessive usage of technology was seen as his main drawback. His singing skills were also criticized, with many critics believing his voice was far from professional. While his songs had electronic beats and sounds produced by electric guitar, they lacked rhythm and melody.

Some critics thought Bobby’s music was positive and influenced by the famous American rock band ‘blink-182.’ But many others rejected his creations and called him an amateur, advising him to refrain from making music.

Social Media Career

Bobby then turned his attention towards his social media career. He started posting videos on his YouTube channel, which now hosts numerous videos including story time, tags, challenges, pranks, and more.

He began collaborating with other YouTube stars, such as Mercades Danielle and Griffin Arnlund, creating videos like ‘boyfriend-girlfriend tag,’ ‘Guess Her Age Challenge,’ ‘Portuguese Does Carpool Karaoke in Los Angeles,’ ‘Sharpie Shock Challenge,’ and more.

Bobby has also collaborated with other famous YouTubers like Corinna Kopf and Laineybot. He has over 550,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also popular on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouNow.

Thanks to his amazing pictures and funny videos, Bobby is quite popular on Instagram, where he has over 250,000 followers. He connects with his fans through his YouNow account and often live streams his videos.

Personal Life

Bobby Mares was born on November 15, 1990, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA. He doesn’t speak much about his family and educational qualifications.

Apart from making music and posting videos on social media, Bobby loves swimming. He is also a keen traveler and often goes on adventure trips and hiking with his friends. He also enjoys traveling alone, which has sparked a passion for photography in him.

Bobby’s Instagram account showcases a collection of amazing photographs he has taken during his trips. He also has several tattoos inked all over his body. Bobby owns a cute white puppy named DiCaprio.

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