BookOfKen Biography

BookOfKen is a popular American YouTuber known for his hilarious pranks on his girlfriend. With over 1 million subscribers and 275 million views, his videos focus on funny public pranks, couple pranks, and other entertaining content. Ken’s goal is to bring smiles and enjoyment to his viewers, which has made him one of YouTube’s most followed channels. He also has a second channel called ‘UnKensored’ where he shares vlogs about his real life. With a strong presence on Twitter and Instagram, Ken’s authenticity and candid approach have gained him a dedicated fan base. Additionally, he is a Twitch player and currently resides in Los Angeles with his girlfriend.

Quick Facts

  • Girlfriend: Carley Tabler
  • Also Known As: Kenneth
  • Age: 29 Years, 29 Year Old Males
  • U.S. State: Florida

Rise to Fame

Ken, initially shy, decided to get into the YouTube bandwagon after he was inspired by a fellow prankster who made it big on YouTube. He began posting videos in February 2014 on his channel titled ‘BookOfKen’. His first video was a trailer to his channel titled ‘The Book of a Prankster: BookOfKen Trailer’. This video paved the way to the content that would soon populate his channel, which would mostly include pranks and social experiments with both strangers and friends.

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The channel soon took off as his ideas and pranks were considered unique and extremely funny. The reactions to these pranks also became popular. His first prank that garnered a high number of views was the shampoo prank. This practical joke became so popular that he went on to create many versions of it with different people. However, his most famous pranks are the ones he plays on his girlfriend, Carley Tabler. The duo soon started collaborating on his channel and constantly played jokes on each other. She remains his partner prankster and they work together. They soon branched into other popular themes, including skits, reactions, and challenges. The couple’s personality and chemistry worked well with each other and has ensured a high viewership.

Second Channel ‘UnKensored’

He also started a second channel ‘UnKensored’ to focus on vlogs and personal content in May 2014. Though there aren’t many videos on the second channel, these videos give a glimpse of life behind the scenes of the prankster couple.

Popular Videos

In his most popular video, ‘Paying People to Eat World’s Hottest Pepper Extract Prank Gone Wrong!’, he captures the reactions of his audience who were a part of his experiment. This video went on to garner 17 million views. His other most popular video is ‘The Real Shampoo Prank’ with over 11 million views. This was the first installment of the ‘Real Series’ videos where Ken films a prank suggested by his fans to obtain real reactions. The channel currently has over 1 million subscribers. The videos uploaded by Ken and Carley continue to be creative and funny, drawing in a huge viewership. They recently started a P.O. box together to start communicating with their fans. Ken’s motive behind the channel was to bring a smile upon everyone’s face by presenting funny situations in the most natural way. He is also popular on Twitter with 11k followers. His Instagram feed is filled with photographs of his girlfriend, travels, and happenings behind the scenes. He has over 79k followers on Instagram. Carley decided to work with Ken as she wanted to help him out.

Personal Life

Ken was born on May 13, 1994, in Florida. He is currently dating Carley Tabler, a fellow YouTuber and Instagram celebrity. The couple met when Ken was studying at a University near Carley’s home. She decided to go out with him after watching his live streams on Twitter. They started dating in February 2016. The YouTube couple recently moved from Florida to Los Angeles. Ken decided to start uploading videos after he was inspired by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Simple Pickup, fellow YouTube pranksters. He started his channel as he felt confident that this was what he wanted to do. He was first helped by his close friend Kris when he started the channel and was later assisted by Carley. Apart from editing and uploading videos, he loves Pokémon and has a Pokémon collection.

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