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Brady Haran, a former BBC journalist from Australia, has become a prominent figure in the world of educational videos and independent filmmaking. With his pet project ‘Test Tube’ on science stories, he has expanded his reach to multiple YouTube channels and blog websites, collaborating with scientists and academics. His popular series ‘Periodic Videos’ explores chemical elements and the periodic table, while ‘Sixty Symbols’ delves into physics and astronomy symbols. Additionally, ‘Numberphile’ focuses on mathematical numbers, and ‘Objectivity’ showcases fascinating objects. In 2014, he co-hosted the highly successful podcast ‘Hello Internet’ with CGP Grey, which topped the iTunes podcast chart in several countries and received accolades from Apple and ‘The Guardian’.

Quick Facts

  • Australian Celebrities Born In June
  • Age: 47 Years, 47 Year Old Males
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Kylie Pentelow
    • Father: Peter Haran
    • Siblings: Kalea
  • Occupation: Journalists, Film & Theater Personalities
  • City: Adelaide, Australia

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Brady Haran’s interest in pursuing a journalistic career began at a young age, influenced by his father who became a newspaper journalist after retiring from the Vietnam War. While studying at university, Brady took a one-year course on journalism. In January 1995, he landed a job as a newspaper journalist for ‘The Adelaide Advertiser’. However, his career took a significant turn when he moved to Nottingham, UK, in August 2002, to work as a reporter for the BBC.

Within a couple of years, Brady became involved in BBC’s iCan campaign, which allowed ordinary people to use the BBC website as a platform for their own campaigns, regardless of the size of their issues. Brady’s role was to find stories from these individuals that were worthy of being published on BBC TV, radio, or online. During his time at the BBC, he reported for ‘East Midlands Today’, ‘BBC News Online’, and various BBC radio stations. Impressed by his work, the BBC trained him as a video journalist, enabling him to create films for television. While this fueled his interest in filmmaking, Brady’s true passion was reporting on science stories. He decided to pursue this passion through a side project called ‘Test Tube’, where he met British chemist Sir Martyn Poliakoff. The two formed a strong rapport that would continue for the next decade.

Brady believed that long documentaries were not the ideal medium for his films, so he decided to upload short videos of his raw footage on YouTube. In March 2009, he left the BBC to pursue YouTube full-time and became the creator behind numerous educational YouTube channels, including ‘Numberphile’, ‘Periodic Videos’, ‘Sixty Symbols’, ‘Computerphile’, ‘BradyStuff’, and many more.

What Makes Brady Special

Brady Haran describes himself as a science nerd who feels compelled to share the amazing things he learns with others. Through his videos, he aims to capture how science works through the eyes of the scientists themselves. While he covers scientific discoveries as they happen, he also emphasizes that he is an outsider in the filmmaking process, allowing him to approach issues from the perspective of the general public who may not be part of the scientific community. His ‘Hello Internet’ podcast engages in in-depth debates about serious topics in an entertaining manner, making it accessible to everyone. Professor Martyn Poliakoff, the presenter for the majority of ‘Periodic Videos’, keeps the audience engaged with his distinctive “mad scientist” hair and eccentric experiments. Brady also ensures that his content is regularly updated. For example, he re-uploaded a video on xenon from his popular series ‘Periodic Videos’ to honor scientist Neil Bartlett, who created the first noble gas compounds.

Behind The Curtains

Brady John Haran was born on June 18, 1976, in Adelaide, Australia. His father, Peter Haran, served in the Australian Army’s 2nd Royal Australian Regiment during the Vietnam War and worked as a handler for the tracker dog Caesar. Brady has a sister named Kalea, who is a teacher and currently resides in Singapore. He is married to ITV newsreader Kylie Pentelow.

Brady’s father later became an author, publishing several books recounting his experiences during the war. Brady, wanting to go beyond the stories and truly experience the environment, visited Vietnam with his father as an adult. He later created a series of short videos on his YouTube channel ‘BradyStuff’ to share this experience with his fans. In these videos, his father tells some of the stories, while Brady provides additional information on related subjects through separate “extra” videos accompanying the original stories.

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