Bruce (Trey) Nelson Biography

Bruce (Trey) Nelson, an American YouTube star, gained fame as a member of the renowned Nelson family, who operate the popular YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons. Initially joining his family’s social media venture, which is managed by his parents Tiffany and Benji, as well as his 15 siblings (including 9 adopted ones), Bruce is the eldest biological son of his YouTuber parents. Additionally, he has garnered a significant following on Instagram through his personal account.

Quick Facts

  • Girlfriend: Izzy Larsen Age: 23 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Benji Nelson
    • Mother: Tiffany Nelson
    • Siblings: Beckham Nelson, Bridger Nelson, DeLayNee June, ElleCee Faith Nelson, Jaine Nelson, JourNee Nelson, Kass, KassaDee Lee Nelson Parker, KennaDee Kay Haddock, Ledger Nike Nelson, LiLee Anne Nelson, Luke Nelson, NayVee Grace Nelson, PaisLee Jaine Nelson, PresLee Grace Nelson, SaiDee Faith Nelson
  • Born Country: United States

Early Life

Bruce (Trey) Nelson belongs to the popular YouTube family known as Not Enough Nelsons. He stepped into the world of YouTube with the 2018 video “15 SIBLINGS?! I’M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY!”

Social Media Career

Bruce shot to fame as a YouTube star when he began appearing in the content of his family channel, Not Enough Nelsons. The channel, run by his parents, Tiffany and Benji, features him and his adopted and biological siblings. The content on the channel mostly centers on dance skits, family vlogs, makeovers, holiday routines, birthday videos, challenges, pranks, and travel vlogs. Over the years, the family has gained millions of subscribers on their channel. Some of their most popular videos are “SWiTCHiNG DiETS with a 6 YEAR OLD for 24 HRS!”, “I FiNALLY see my BOYFRIEND after TWO YEARS!!”, and “MOViNG my SiSTER OUT to LiVE with ME!!” Apart from being active on his family Instagram page, he also maintains a separate personal Instagram profile. His account on the platform, brucenelson14, has managed to gain thousands of followers. In 2019, he posted a photo on Instagram that showed him posing in front of the Eiffel Tower. In 2021, he posted about his visit to Disney World on Instagram.

Family Life

Bruce belongs to the 18-member Nelson family of well-known YouTubers Tiffany and Benji Nelson. The Nelson family consists of 16 kids, of whom 9 are adopted. Bruce is the eldest biological son of his parents. His siblings are Kass, Jaine, Ledger, Bridger, JourNee, PresLee Grace, DeLayNee June, Beckham, ElleCee, PaisLee, SaiDee, LiLee, Luke, NayVee, KassaDee, and KennaDee. Bruce has apparently dated TikTok sensation Izzy Larsen.

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