Bryant Eslava Biography

Bryant Eslava, a professional fashion photographer, has gained a massive following on social media platforms for his exceptional street-style fashion photography. Collaborating with social media sensations, celebrities, and renowned brands like ‘Armani Exchange’ and ‘Puma,’ Bryant’s talent has earned him over 2.9 million followers on Instagram and 1.9 million followers on Twitter. Recognized for his skills, he was nominated at the ‘Seventh Annual Shorty Awards’ under the ‘Best Photographer’ category, with his profile featured on the official website of ‘Shorty Awards.’

Quick Facts

  • Age: 31 Years
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Photographer
  • City: Anaheim, California
  • U.S. State: California

Childhood & Early Life

Bryant Eslava was born on September 10, 1992 in Anaheim, California, United States of America. He was raised by his parents and would often go shopping with his mother. He later said in one of his interviews that his love for colors surfaced as a result of his father’s occupation, which is to add colors to homes.

Bryant developed an interest towards photography at a very young age. While studying in high school, he would finish his homework during lunch hours in order to give himself enough time to teach himself more about photography. He would also skip most of his dance classes as a high-schooler and even chose to give his prom night a miss. However, he would attend classes like drawing, web design, and video production with zest. He was chosen as the ‘best dressed student’ in his senior year in high school.

Bryant’s journey as a photographer began at the age of 16 when he was presented with his first camera (Nikon D40) by his parents. He then started documenting his life using his camera and would spend hours in capturing his friends and family. He was also enrolled at the ‘School of Visual Arts’ in order to turn his passion into his profession.


He started his career as a photographer by taking up freelance jobs. He would often travel from Los Angeles to New York City as part of his projects. He also used social media platforms as a medium to display his works. He started posting portraits and fashion photography on Tumblr, which caught the attention of many. He also got his works featured on ‘Tumblr Spotlight,’ which increased his popularity.

As he always had a penchant for fashion, he started to explore street-style fashion photography, which was made famous by popular photographers like Scott Schuman and Bill Cunningham. He soon gained prominence as a fashion photographer as many of his works that were being featured on ‘Tumblr Spotlight’ involved elements of fashion.

Bryant had his big breakthrough when he was invited to ‘New York Fashion Week,’ where he got the opportunity to meet many prominent fashion photographers, such as Scott Schuman, Bill Cunningham, Nam, William Yan, Tommy Ton, Phil Oh, and many more. Bryant then started receiving invitations to various fashion shows when he was still studying at the ‘School of Visual Arts.’ He later revealed in one of his interviews that he had to miss an entire week of school as he had to work in a popular fashion show.

Once he established himself as a fashion photographer, Bryant was given the opportunity to work with social media stars like Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jack Gilinsky, Hayes Grier, and Jack Johnson. He soon gained prominence as an internet celebrity as he was working closely with famous social media stars. His Twitter account, which was created in August 2013, started gathering followers. With more than 1.9 million followers, Bryant’s Twitter account is currently one of the most popular accounts among those owned by fashion photographers. He also has an account on Instagram, where he posts his collection of photographs. Thanks to his brilliant photography skills, his Instagram page has garnered more than 2.9 million followers. He also has a self-titled YouTube channel, which has more than 17,000 subscribers.

Bryant has worked with world-renowned brands, such as ‘Armani Exchange,’ ‘Puma,’ ‘American Apparel,’ ‘VH1,’ and ‘Gap.’ He was nominated at the ‘Seventh Annual Shorty Awards,’ under the ‘Best Photographer’ category. ‘Shorty Awards’ houses Bryant Eslava’s profile on its official website. Bryant is also an entrepreneur as he sells limited edition T-shirts online.

Personal Life & Family

In one of his recent interviews, Bryant Eslava thanked his parents and said they had played a major role in shaping his career as a fashion photographer. He also said that he picked up the nuances of fashion from his mother and that his father, who worked as a house painter, was responsible in making him fall in love with colors. Bryant is also close to his twin brother. He often features him in his Instagram and twitter posts, and has also posted a video featuring his twin brother on his YouTube channel.

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