Caleb Burton Biography

Meet Caleb Burton, the American Instagram star who has taken the platform by storm with his stunning pictures and videos. With over half a million followers in a short span of time, Caleb has become a sensation in his own right. Known for his cool and down-to-earth personality, he never fails to entertain his friends with his hilarious jokes. Not only is he a funny guy, but he is also an avid animal lover, particularly dogs, which he often features in his Instagram posts. Join Caleb on his journey as he continues to captivate his followers with his incredible content.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 23 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Kimba Burton, Melissa Burton

Rise to Stardom

Caleb Burton gained a lot of attention on Instagram when he started sharing his pictures and videos on the platform. Many people visited his profile after discovering his association with Vine and YouTube star Brent Rivera. Over time, Burton became well-known on Instagram in his own right. Currently, he has over half a million followers and the number continues to grow steadily.

Recommended Lists

In one of his most popular videos on Instagram, Burton presents a funny scenario of taking matters into his own hands while being left alone at home. The video is executed hilariously and has garnered over a million views. In another popular video, Burton once again showcases his humorous side and manages to win the hearts of his fans. He also has many beloved pictures on Instagram, including one where he poses with a cute puppy and captions it as “the cutest puppy ever”! Caleb believes in being himself and his confidence shines through in all of his posts, whether they are photographs or videos. His charismatic personality and good looks have made him immensely popular as a social media star. He comes across as a friendly young man and often features his friends in his posts.

Family & Personal Life

Caleb Burton was born on April 2, 2000, in the USA. He grew up in southern California with his two sisters, Melissa and Kimba. Very little is known about his parents. Burton is good friends with YouTube personality Brent Rivera, who is best known on the platform as ‘MrBrent98.’ Rivera is also a former Vine sensation and had accumulated over 8 million followers on the app. Caleb once posted a picture of himself holding identical twins, Taytum and Oakley Fisher, who are popular Instagram stars.

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