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Introducing Haley Sharpe, also known as ‘yodelinghaley,’ the American social-media influencer who has taken the online world by storm. Starting her journey at a young age, Haley began her social-media career on Instagram before discovering the power of TikTok. With a passion for dance and stage performance, she saw TikTok as the perfect platform to showcase her talent to a wider audience. Her videos quickly gained popularity, making her a trending artist on the platform in no time. Haley’s rise to stardom even caught the attention of Vox, the renowned American news and opinion website, which featured a cover story on her incredible journey.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Yodelinghaley
  • Age: 21 Years, 21 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Father: Anthony Sharpe
    • Mother: Leslie
    • Siblings: Ian, Julia
  • Born Country: United States
  • More Facts:
    • Education: Huntsville

Rise to Fame

Haley began developing an interest in social media back when she was 6. Her parents gifted her a mobile phone, but it was for her own safety, since she would spend a lot of time in the gym, practicing dance and tumbling. Around 10 years later, Haley got an ‘iPhone.’

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She stepped into the social-media arena when she was in fourth grade. Soon, Haley began posting content on her ‘Instagram’ page. When she reached seventh grade, Haley turned toward ‘TikTok,’ where she showcased her dance skills. She downloaded the application in October 2018 but did not post any video immediately.

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Initially, Haley found ‘TikTok’ videos rather cringeworthy. However, she eventually realized that ‘TikTok’ had the potential to boost her social-media fame. Haley thus posted her first video on ‘TikTok’ and waited for the reactions of her viewers.

It was not a surprise to her that her dance moves soon garnered her attention on the platform. Her ‘TikTok’ videos have earned her over a million followers and more than 36 million ”likes.” Some of her most-played videos on ‘TikTok’ are ‘look at my face!” lol last comp vibez me in the hotel bathroom before my solo dc,’ ‘a tutorial for my new dance lol,’ ‘i think the last vid got taken down…? here’s another version,’ ‘this was the first tiktok dance i ever learned. can we bring it back,’ ‘my school dance grwm thing ig!!,’ and ‘part 3 got a spray tan and now im going to a school dance.’ One of her first viral videos on ‘TikTok’ was a performance by her on Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal,’ posted in 2019.

In addition to ‘TikTok,’ Haley was also present on ‘Instagram,’ where she gained around 32 thousand followers. She was also on ‘Snapchat,’ a platform she used for sharing group stories. However, it appears that she has now deleted her ‘Instagram’ and ‘Snapchat’ applications.

In an attempt to take her social-media fame further, she created a ‘YouTube’ channel on February 15, 2019. The following month, she posted the channel’s first video, ‘disney world vlog “emotional” lol.’ However, she is not too active on the channel, and she has posted just two videos on the platform to date. The channel has around over 3.34 thousand subscribers.

In October 2019, the popular website ‘Vox’ did a feature-length profile on Haley and her meteoric rise on social media at a tender age. Haley was in high school when Rebecca Jennings, a Brooklyn-based reporter covering pop and internet culture at ‘The Goods’ by ‘Vox,’ found her through ‘TikTok.’ She recommended Haley’s name for her next project.

Haley is a talented dancer with a great sense of humor. She looks up to California-based dancer and choreographer Lucy Vallely.

Personal Life

Haley was born on October 22, 2002, in Huntsville, Alabama, U.S. Her father, Anthony Sharpe, is a well-known musician in Huntsville. He sings, plays the guitar, and writes songs for the local band ‘Toy Shop.’ Haley’s mother, Leslie, is an attorney. Haley has grown up along with her younger siblings, Julia and Ian.

Haley has attended high school in Huntsville. An avid dog lover, she owns three dogs.

Even though she is a big fan of contemporary music artists such as Post Malone and Khalid, Haley also listens to and appreciates singers such as Harry Nilsson. She grew up listening to the compositions of vintage music artists from her parents’ music collection.

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