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Carlton Leach, an English author and former criminal, has transformed his life from a football hooligan involved in violence and drug dealings to a beacon of hope for others seeking to escape a life of crime. Motivated by the tragic death of his close friend, Leach now utilizes his experiences in the underworld to guide individuals away from the path of criminality. His journey into a violent existence was ignited by his unwavering passion for West Ham United, leading him to join a gang of football hooligans. However, after leaving behind his criminal past, Leach penned a memoir detailing his life of crime, which later became the basis for the film ‘Rise of the Footsoldier’.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 64 Years, 64 Year Old Males
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Anne Leach
  • Occupation: Non-Fiction Writers
  • Nationality: British
  • Gender: Male


In the late 1980s, Carlton Leach found work as a bouncer in East London clubs. It was during this time that he met Tony Tucker, a major ecstasy dealer in the nightclub scene. Through his friendship with Tony, Carlton became involved in illegal activities. He and his fellow bouncers provided security at the clubs and acted as bodyguards for those selling drugs. Carlton quickly became immersed in the world of drug dealing, participating in big deals at large raves. His wages increased significantly, from £50 a night to £300.

However, Carlton’s life took a dark turn when Tony Tucker and two other drug dealers, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe, were shot to death in December 1995. Known as the “Rettendon triple murders,” this event had a profound impact on Carlton. He became terrified, fearing that he would be the next target. This experience served as a wake-up call, making him realize the importance of his family and loved ones. Even years later, Carlton remained paranoid and distrusting of others.

After ten years of involvement in football violence, working as a bouncer, and drug dealing, Carlton decided to leave his criminal life behind. He left his hometown of Canning Town and relocated to Southend. In 2003, he wrote a memoir titled “Muscle” about his criminal experiences. This book was later adapted into the film “Rise of the Footsoldier” in 2007, with actor Ricci Harnett portraying Carlton. In 2015, Carlton collaborated with Ricci Harnett on another film about his life, titled “Reign of the General.” However, due to a legal dispute over copyright, the film was taken over by the makers of “Rise of the Footsoldier” and released under that title. A third installment of the film series was made in 2017.

Despite his past, Carlton Leach has transformed his life and is now a father. He recognizes the influence that films can have on young people, often glamorizing the gangster lifestyle. Carlton wants his life story to serve as a cautionary tale, highlighting the pain and consequences associated with drugs and violence. He hopes that young people will be positively influenced by his experiences.

Personal Life

Carlton Leach was born on March 12, 1959, in Canning Town, East London. From a young age, he had a passion for football and was a member of the notorious Inter City Firm, which was associated with the West Ham United football club. Carlton is currently married to Anne Leach and is a father.

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