Tsung-Dao Lee Biography

Tsung-Dao Lee, a distinguished Chinese-American physicist, is best known for his joint receipt of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1957. Alongside physicist Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, Lee made significant contributions to the understanding of the violations of the principle of parity conservation in quantum mechanics. Their groundbreaking work led to advancements in particle physics and … Read more

Hu Yi Tian Biography

Hin Yitian, a Chinese model, actor, and musician, has quickly gained fame as a rom-com star in Chinese television series. With his tall stature, he began his career as a successful model before venturing into acting. Despite his relatively short time in the industry, Hu has already garnered a devoted fan following and received numerous … Read more

Dilraba Dilmurat Biography

Dilraba Dilmurat is a Chinese actress, singer, and model who gained fame through her roles in popular TV series such as ‘Diamond Lover’ and ‘Legend of the Ancient Sword’. After studying acting at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, she made her debut in the TV series ‘Anarhan’ and quickly became a fan favorite. Her talent and … Read more

Zhou Enlai Biography

Zhou Enlai, also known as Zhou Xiangyu, was a prominent figure in the Chinese Communist Party and the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China. Serving as the nation’s head of government from 1949 until his death in 1976, Zhou was known for his charm, subtlety, and diplomatic skills. He advocated for peaceful coexistence … Read more

Puyi Biography

Puyi, also known as Pu Yi, was the last Emperor of China and the second last Khan of Mongolia. He ascended to the throne at the age of three, becoming the 12th Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. However, his rule came to an end during the Xinhai Revolution in 1912, leading to the downfall of … Read more

Xi Jinping Biography

Xi Jinping, the president of the People’s Republic of China, is a highly influential figure in Chinese politics. As the general secretary of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, he holds significant power and authority. Since assuming office in 2012, Xi Jinping has implemented various measures to strengthen party … Read more

Deng Chao Biography

Deng Chao, a prominent figure in the Chinese film industry, has captivated audiences with his versatile talents as a comedian, actor, singer, and director. With remarkable performances in popular television series such as ‘The Young Emperor’, ‘Happiness as Flowers’, and ‘The Royal Swordsmen’, Deng’s acting career skyrocketed. On the silver screen, he has contributed to … Read more

Shen Yue Biography

Shen Yue, a Chinese actress and model, rose to fame for her roles in popular web series and television shows. Starting with her portrayal of Zeng Zhi in ‘A Love So Beautiful’, she later gained international recognition for her role as Dong Shancai in ‘Meteor Garden’. Originally from Hunan province, Shen Yue was discovered by … Read more

Lu Han Biography

Lu Han is a Chinese acting and singing sensation who has achieved global fame and recognition. As one of the most popular entertainment stars from Mainland China, Han has accomplished numerous firsts in his career. He has a wax statue in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, graced the covers of prestigious magazines, set a Guinness World … Read more

Hu Jintao Biography

Hu Jintao, the former leader of the Communist Party of China, is widely recognized as the second most powerful person in the world. Serving as the General Secretary of the Communist Party, Chairman of the CPC Central Military Commission, and President of the People’s Republic of China, Hu Jintao took charge of a nation grappling … Read more

Eric Liddell Biography

Eric Henry Liddell, a Scottish athlete, rugby player, and renowned missionary, is best known for his victory in the men’s 400 meters at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. Born to Scottish missionaries in China, Liddell spent part of his childhood there before settling in England for his education. Despite his exceptional athletic abilities, Liddell’s … Read more

Pocket Sun Biography

Pocket Sun is a Chinese-born Singapore-based entrepreneur, investor, and keynote speaker. She is the co-founder and manager of SoGal Ventures, the first and largest female-led millennial venture capital firm in the world. With 13 chapters worldwide, SoGal Ventures has made a significant impact in the business world. Pocket Sun’s achievements have not gone unnoticed, as … Read more

Chen Ning Yang Biography

Chen-Ning Franklin Yang, a China-born American physicist, is renowned for his groundbreaking work on the violations of the principle of parity conservation. In 1957, he and physicist Tsung-Dao Lee jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics, becoming the first two Nobel Laureates from China. Yang’s research focuses on particle physics and statistical mechanics. His discovery … Read more

Qianlong Emperor Biography

The Qianlong Emperor, born in 1711 in Beijing, China, was the fourth Qing emperor and the sixth emperor of the Qing Dynasty. He was highly favored by his father and grandfather, and as a teenager, he excelled in military tactics, martial arts, and academics. Becoming emperor in 1735, Qianlong proved to be a capable military … Read more

John Gokongwei Biography

John Gokongwei, a Filipino billionaire businessman and philanthropist, was the founder and former chairman of JG Summit. Despite losing his family’s wealth at a young age, he persevered and built a massive empire consisting of businesses in various sectors. From trading on the streets of Cebu in his teens to launching his first company, Amasia … Read more