Cleopatra Biography

Cleopatra, known as the most beautiful woman in history, captivated the hearts of powerful men during her time. However, recent speculation suggests that this legendary beauty may have been a myth, with historians claiming that she had masculine features. Regardless of her appearance, Cleopatra was a remarkably intelligent and cunning leader. Becoming queen at just … Read more

Mohamed Morsi Biography

Mohamed Morsi, the first democratically elected President of Egypt, was a prominent Egyptian politician who played a significant role in the country’s political landscape. Born and raised in Egypt, he pursued higher education in the United States and gained valuable experience working there. Returning to Egypt, Morsi became actively involved in politics as a member … Read more

Ankhesenamun Biography

Ankhesenamun, the lesser-known sister and wife of the famous boy king Tutankhamun, remains a mysterious figure in ancient Egyptian history. Married off at the tender age of 13 to Tut, who was just 10 years old himself, Ankhesenamun went on to be wedded to several pharaoh rulers, most of whom were her close relatives. Incestuous … Read more

Hero of Alexandria Biography

Hero of Alexandria, a renowned mathematician, engineer, and inventor, is widely regarded as the greatest experimenter of his time. Among his numerous inventions, the windwheel stands out, showcasing his innovative prowess. One of his most notable creations is the ‘aeolipile,’ also known as ‘Hero’s engine,’ a steam-powered instrument that he meticulously described in his publications. … Read more

Origen Biography

Origen, a renowned Christian theologian from Alexandria, is remembered for his influential work ‘On the First Principles,’ which contributed to Christian Neo-Platonism. Living during a tumultuous period in Christianity, marked by widespread hostility and the rise of Gnosticism, Origen remained steadfast in his Christian faith, while also acknowledging the value of pagan teachings. Despite facing … Read more

Ramesses II Biography

Ramesses the Great, also known as Ramesses II, was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt. He is considered to be the greatest and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire, renowned for his military prowess and conquests. Born into a non-royal family, Ramesses rose to power at a young age and had … Read more

Mohamed Salah Biography

Mohamed Salah, an Egyptian footballer, is a forward for both the Egyptian national team and the Premier League club ‘Liverpool.’ Hailing from Gharbia, Egypt, Salah’s exceptional football skills were evident from a young age. He began his career with the youth team of the Egyptian club ‘El Mokawloon’ before swiftly transitioning to the senior team … Read more

Catherine of Alexandria Biography

Catherine of Alexandria, also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel or the Great Martyr, was a Christian saint and one of the most important virgin martyrs of the late Middle Ages. She bravely protested against the discrimination of Christians under the Roman Emperor Maxentius and defeated eminent scholars who opposed her. Despite being tortured … Read more

Mohamed ElBaradei Biography

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei, an Egyptian lawyer and diplomat, is widely recognized for his significant contributions to nuclear disarmament and international diplomacy. Serving as the Director General of the IAEA, he advocated for the peaceful use of nuclear energy and played a crucial role in addressing nuclear proliferation concerns in countries such as North Korea … Read more

Claudius Ptolemy Biography

Claudius Ptolemy, a Greco-Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and writer, made significant contributions to the development of science in Byzantine, Islamic, and European civilizations. Living in Alexandria during the 2nd century, Ptolemy authored several scientific treatises, including a renowned work on geography that influenced Christopher Columbus centuries later. Although not much is known about Ptolemy’s personal … Read more

Plotinus Biography

Plotinus, the ancient philosopher and founder of Neo-Platonism, has left a lasting impact on the world of philosophy. His metaphysical writings have inspired countless thinkers from various religious and philosophical backgrounds, including Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and Gnostic metaphysicians and mystics. Plotinus believed in the existence of a singular, incomprehensible source of all things, which … Read more