Ivana Santacruz Biography

Ivana Santacruz, a Germany-based Instagram star with over 1.6 million followers, is known for her dance, fitness, and fashion-related posts. She has recently launched her own dance and fitness program called ‘Sweat & Dance’ to inspire others. With almost 175k subscribers on YouTube, she is also a successful YouTuber. Santacruz has signed a sponsorship deal … Read more

Venustiano Carranza Biography

Venustiano Carranza, a prominent leader of the Mexican Revolution, played a crucial role in the Mexican Civil War and served as the president of Mexico. Known as the “Primer Jefe” of the Constitutionalists, Carranza initially became the governor of Coahuila under Francisco I. Madero’s administration. Following Madero’s assassination in 1913, Carranza devised the Plan de … Read more

Stephanie Sigman Biography

Stephanie Sigman is a Mexican-American actress and model who has made a name for herself in both film and television. She gained recognition for her role as Valeria Vélez in the popular Netflix series, ‘Narcos’, and made waves in the industry with her performance in the critically acclaimed Mexican crime film, ‘Miss Bala’. Stephanie has … Read more

Raúl Jiménez Biography

Raúl Jiménez, a professional footballer from Mexico, has made a name for himself as a forward for the English Premier League club, ‘Wolverhampton Wanderers’. With a successful career that began in Mexico with ‘Club América’, Jiménez quickly made his mark in Europe, starting with La Liga giants, ‘Atletico Madrid’, before finding success at Portuguese powerhouse, … Read more

Columba Bush Biography

Columba Bush, an eminent Mexican-American philanthropist, is known for her numerous humanitarian efforts and campaigns for anti-domestic violence groups. As the wife of former Florida governor Jeb Bush, she served as the First Lady of Florida for 8 years. Despite her strong association with the political domain, Columba prefers to remain aloof from political activities … Read more

Emiliano Zapata Biography

Emiliano Zapata, a Mexican revolutionary leader, played a crucial role in the Mexican Revolution from 1910 to 1920. As the commander of the ‘Liberation Army of the South’, Zapata led his followers, known as ‘Zapatistas’, in guerilla battles against oppressive rulers. He was dedicated to agrarian reforms and fought to return land to peasants and … Read more

Nena von Schlebrügge Biography

Nena von Schlebrügge, a Mexican-American yesteryear high-fashion model and psychotherapist, is best known today as the mother of renowned American actress and model, Uma Thurman. Discovered by photographer Norman Parkinson from Vogue in her early teens, Nena quickly rose to success in the world of high-fashion modeling. She worked with top fashion photographers and graced … Read more

Darian Rojas Biography

Darian Rojas, also known as the “Queen of TikTok”, is a Mexican social media star with over 29 million fans on her TikTok profile. She is a member of the popular TikTok collective, Privé Crew, and has gained immense fame within a short period of time. Darian has been featured on the cover story of … Read more

George W. Romney Biography

George W. Romney, a Republican Party politician and successful businessman, served as the 43rd Governor of Michigan. Born in a Mormon colony in Mexico, he moved to the USA at a young age due to the Mexican Revolution. Despite a nomadic upbringing, he excelled academically and gained valuable political experience under Senator David I. Walsh. … Read more

Salma Hayek Biography

Salma Hayek is a Mexican-American actress who was born into a wealthy Roman Catholic family in Mexico. Inspired by the movie ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,’ she pursued a career in acting after attending Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. She made her debut in the Mexican telenovela ‘Teresa’ and later gained recognition in Hollywood … Read more

Ariel Camacho Biography

José Ariel Camacho Barraza, also known as “La Tuyia”, was a beloved Mexican singer-songwriter known for his unique singing style and exceptional talent on the requinto. As the leader of Ariel Camacho y Los Plebes del Rancho, he captivated audiences with his performances from a young age. With two albums and several hit singles, including … Read more

Alberto Del Rio Biography

José Alberto Rodriguez, better known as Alberto Del Rio, is a Mexican mixed martial artist and professional wrestler. With an impressive career in the WWE, he has won multiple championships and faced off against some of the best wrestlers in the industry. Currently signed with Global Force Wrestling as Alberto El Patrón, he has also … Read more

QuackityHQ Biography

QuackityHQ, also known as “Quackity,” is a Mexican YouTuber famous for his hilarious reactions and commentary videos. He gained popularity through his ‘Twitch’ raids on various online game communities, including ‘Roblox,’ ‘Animal Jam,’ ‘Club Penguin/Club Penguin Island,’ and ‘Habbo Hotel.’ With over a million subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘QuackityHQ,’ Quackity’s funny gaming videos, especially … Read more

Rufino Tamayo Biography

Rufino Tamayo, a Mexican painter, sculptor, and printmaker, was known for his unique blend of European painting styles and Mexican native themes, infused with a touch of surrealism. Born and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, Rufino’s artistic journey began when he moved to Mexico City at the age of 12 and enrolled in an art school. … Read more

Laura Harring Biography

Laura Harring is a Mexican-American actress and the first Hispanic woman to be crowned Miss USA. She gained recognition for her roles in the 2001 film ‘Mulholland Drive’ and has since continued to work in both films and television. Born to a diverse background, Harring spent her early life in Mexico before moving to Texas. … Read more