Anthony Cervantes Biography

Meet Anthony Cervantes, the online sensation from the Philippines who has taken TikTok by storm. With over 2.5 million fans and 100 million likes, his dance-related and lip-sync content has captivated audiences worldwide. Hailing from Manila, Cervantes never expected to become a sensation, but his viral videos have made him a beloved figure on social … Read more

Daphne Joy Biography

Daphne Joy is a multi-talented individual hailing from the Philippines. With a successful career as a model, actor, host, and entrepreneur, she has made a name for herself in various industries. From gracing the covers of renowned magazines to appearing in popular TV shows and films, Daphne has proven her versatility and talent. Not only … Read more

Manuel L. Quezon Biography

Manuel L. Quezon, the first elected Filipino to lead the entire Philippines, was a remarkable statesman, soldier, and politician. Despite being considered the second president of the country, he made significant contributions to the nation’s development. From his humble beginnings as the son of primary schoolteachers, Quezon actively participated in the independence movement and later … Read more

Enrique Gil Biography

Enrique Gil is a multi-talented Filipino actor, singer, and dancer who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Known for his role in the popular TV series ‘Forevermore,’ Gil has also starred in numerous films and TV shows such as ‘Budoy,’ ‘She’s The One,’ and ‘Dolce Amore.’ Born and raised in Cebu … Read more

Alden Richards Biography

Alden Richards, a Filipino actor and singer, has risen to fame through his remarkable talent and hard work. Starting his career as a model to support his family, he quickly became a celebrity in his own right. With his breakthrough performance in the fantasy series ‘Alakdana’, he earned the Outstanding Breakthrough Performance award at the … Read more

Bretman Rock Biography

Introducing Bretman Rock, the Instagram star, YouTuber, and former Viner who is breaking all norms for all the right reasons. With his unparalleled energy levels, sense of humor, and insanely hilarious Instagram videos, once you enter his channel, there is no going back! Bretman’s eyebrows and contour are always on point, and his humor, mixed … Read more

Fe del Mundo Biography

Fe Villanueva del Mundo, a renowned pediatrician, author, and humanitarian from the Philippines, is celebrated for her groundbreaking work in the field of pediatrics. Her contributions to medicine are immeasurable, from establishing the first pediatric hospital in the Philippines to providing medical care to the underprivileged. After completing her medical degree in Manila, del Mundo … Read more

Kathryn Bernardo Biography

Kathryn Bernardo is a Filipino actress, model, and recording artist known for her roles in popular TV series and movies. She gained popularity for her lead role in the teen drama series ‘Princess and I’, which won multiple awards. She made her acting debut in the TV series ‘It Might Be You’ and later starred … Read more

Kyline Alcantara Biography

Kyline Alcantara, a Filipina actress and singer, has gained widespread recognition for her brilliant portrayal of the rival half-sister in the supernatural series ‘Kambal, Karibal.’ Her exceptional performance in the show earned her the title of “La Nueva Kontrabida.” Additionally, as a talented singer, she has released her own album and contributed to various soundtracks. … Read more

Kaycee in Wonderland Biography

Meet Kaycee in Wonderland, a young YouTube star who has captured the hearts of millions with her creative content and infectious personality. As part of the popular channel ‘Kaycee & Rachel in Wonderland Family’, Kaycee and her sister take center stage, delighting viewers with their kid-friendly videos, toy reviews, family outings, and more. Although their … Read more

Maine Mendoza Biography

Maine Mendoza, a Filipino actress and one of the highest-paid product endorsers in the Philippine television industry, gained fame through her debut role as ‘Yaya Dub’ in the show ‘Eat Bulagas!’ on the ‘GMA Network’ and ‘GMA Pinoy TV’. Paired with the immensely popular Alden Richards, their impromptu, comedy act on the ‘Kalyeserye’ segment of … Read more

Neile Adams Biography

Neile Adams, the beloved American actress, dancer, and singer, captivated audiences with her remarkable performances in films and TV series spanning nearly four decades. Hailing from Manila, Philippines, Neile was born to Carmen Salvador, a talented hula dancer, and José Arrista. With her stunning blond hair, piercing blue eyes, and fearless demeanor, she became a … Read more

Hannah Kaye Balanay Biography

Meet Hannah Kaye Balanay, the sensational TikTok star who has taken the platform by storm with her mesmerizing dance and lip sync performances. With a staggering 17 million fans on her verified @thexhan account, Hannah’s videos have become a sensation, inspiring dance challenges and even catching the attention of a gaming company who recreated her … Read more

Benigno Aquino III Biography

Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, a scion of a famous and influential political family, served as the 15th President of the Philippines. With a lineage that includes his great-grandfather, a delegate of the ‘Malolos Congress’, and his grandfather, the speaker of the ‘House of Representatives’, Aquino’s political roots run deep. After a period of self-exile … Read more

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez Biography

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, better known as Cong TV, is a renowned Filipino YouTube sensation with over 9.7 million subscribers on his channel. He captivates his audience with a variety of content, including comedy skits, vlogs, and music videos. Cong TV’s popularity extends beyond YouTube, as he boasts close to 780k followers on Instagram and over … Read more