Aleksandr Borodin Biography

Alexander Borodin was a multi-talented individual, known for his contributions as a music composer, doctor, chemist, and philanthropist. While studying chemistry, he developed a passion for chamber music and went on to compose numerous symphonies, with “Prince Igor” being hailed as his masterpiece. It was through the support of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt that Borodin … Read more

Kristina Rihanoff Biography

Kristina Rihanoff, the renowned Russian choreographer and dancer, gained fame through her exceptional skills showcased on the popular show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Known as the ‘Siberian Siren’, Kristina’s journey has been filled with triumphs and challenges. Hailing from Vladivostok, a town in Siberia, she overcame financial hardships with her unwavering passion for dance, ultimately achieving … Read more

Like Nastya Biography

Introducing Like Nastya, the popular You Tube star with a massive 90 million subscribers on her main channel. Born in Russia, her content is enjoyed by a global audience as it is dubbed in various languages. With over 260 million subscribers across all her channels, she is one of the biggest children’s YouTube channels in … Read more

Anna Zak Biography

Anna Zak is an Israeli star and model with a massive following on TikTok. With over 5.2 million followers, she has captivated the web with her beauty and talent. Anna creates captivating TikToks with groovy moves and ingenious steps, impressing viewers with her flawless lip syncing and rhythmic skills. Her popularity on the platform … Read more

Pavel Grudinin Biography

Pavel Grudinin, a Russian socialist politician and agricultural entrepreneur, made headlines in the 2018 Russian presidential election as the “strawberry candidate.” Despite being compared to Donald Trump due to his personal wealth, Grudinin ran on a communist platform, advocating for socialist ideals reminiscent of the Stalin era. With limited political experience, he became the official … Read more

Alla Nazimova Biography

Alla Nazimova, a Russian-American actress, gained fame on Broadway for her exceptional performances in the classic plays of Ibsen, Chekhov, and Turgenev. Despite a troubled childhood spent in boarding schools and foster homes, she persevered and at the age of 24, she had already established herself as a celebrated actress, changing her name to Alla … Read more

Alexander Nevsky Biography

Alexander Nevsky, the Prince of Novgorod, Grand Prince of Kiev, and Grand Prince of Vladimir, was a renowned military hero who achieved victories over Sweden and Germany. He was posthumously recognized as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church. Born into a noble lineage, Nevsky became the Prince of Novgorod in 1236 and married Paraskeviya, … Read more

David Hilbert Biography

David Hilbert, a renowned German mathematician, made significant contributions to modern mathematical research in the 20th century. He was a pioneer in distinguishing between mathematics and metamathematics and was regarded as one of the finest mathematicians of his time. Hilbert’s vast knowledge spanned various divisions of mathematics, including number systems, geometry, and mathematical physics. His … Read more

Dasha Zhukova Biography

Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova is a Russian businesswoman, fashion designer, and art collector. She is the founder of the renowned art magazine Garage and is known for her extravagant lifestyle alongside her billionaire husband, Roman Abramovich. Zhukova’s passion for art and culture led her to establish various funds to support struggling artists. She also founded ‘Garage,’ … Read more

Alexander III of Russia Biography

Alexander III of Russia, known as “The Peacemaker,” was the emperor of Russia from 1881 to 1894. Despite being highly conservative and a staunch supporter of Russian nationalism, he reversed some of the liberal reforms implemented by his father, Emperor Alexander II. With a rough and unrefined disposition, Alexander III adopted repressive policies such as … Read more

Alfred Schnittke Biography

Alfred Schnittke, the renowned Russian composer, was a master of the unique and innovative technique known as ‘polystylism’. With a deep love for music cultivated during his time in Vienna, he dedicated his life to composing and produced a vast array of symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. Schnittke’s compositions, including his nine symphonies and four … Read more

Dasha Taran Biography

Dasha Taran, a Russian model, vlogger, and social media star based in South Korea, has captivated millions with her innocent and angelic appearance. With over 4 million and 2.2 million followers on her Instagram profiles, @taaarannn and @tarankaaa, respectively, she has become a sensation on the platform. As a beauty YouTuber and vlogger, Dasha shares … Read more

Polina Glen Biography

Polina Glen, a Russian dancer and choreographer from St. Petersburg, has recently made headlines for her relationship with Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. With a background in beauty pageants and a successful stint on a Russian dance-based reality show, Polina has established herself as a talented dancer and choreographer. She owns a dance school in St. … Read more

Alexander Pichushkin Biography

Alexander Yuryevich Pichushkin, also known as The Chessboard Killer and the Bista Park Maniac, is a Russian serial killer who is believed to have killed between 50-60 people. Despite enduring a difficult childhood and facing bullying during his school days, Pichushkin’s life took a turn when his grandfather discovered his exceptional intelligence and taught him … Read more

Alexander Ovechkin Biography

Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin, also known as “The Great Eight” and “Ovi,” is a Russian professional winger and the captain of the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League (NHL). With his exceptional skill, speed, and physical dominance, Ovechkin is widely regarded as one of the greatest ice-hockey players in the world. He has won the … Read more