John Chrysostom Biography

John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople, was a Greek Early Church Father known for his eloquent preaching and prolific writing. His title ‘golden-mouthed’ was earned through his ability to captivate and inspire common people. Born in Antioch, Chrysostom was raised by his mother after his father’s early death. He studied rhetoric and theology, becoming an ascetic … Read more

Strabo Biography

Strabo, a Greek geographer and historian from over two thousand years ago, was a member of a prestigious family and received an exceptional education. After meeting influential figures in Rome, he obtained Roman citizenship and embarked on extensive travels throughout Egypt and the surrounding region. Returning to Rome, Strabo dedicated his life to studying and … Read more

Ahmed I Biography

Ahmed I, the Ottoman Emperor from 1603 to 1617, faced numerous challenges during his reign, including internal conflicts, rebellion, and multiple wars. Despite these difficulties, he made significant changes to the kingdom, such as ending the practice of fratricide and banning alcohol. Ahmed I was known for his religious devotion and generosity, regularly supporting religious … Read more

Anaximander Biography

Anaximander, a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, is widely recognized as the pioneer of cosmology and a significant contributor to various fields such as astronomy, geography, and evolution. Despite the loss of most of his works, his systematic philosophical view of the world and the universe laid the groundwork for numerous astronomical theories that emerged centuries later. … Read more

Meshulam Riklis Biography

Meshulam Riklis is a well-known Israeli businessman who has made a name for himself in the world of trade and commerce. Despite facing controversies throughout his life, Riklis has built a multibillion dollar business empire through his unique strategies, such as junk bond deals and leveraged buyouts. Known as a reclusive billionaire, he has been … Read more

Orhan Pamuk Biography

Orhan Pamuk, the renowned Turkish author, has made a significant impact on the literary world with his thought-provoking novels such as ‘My Name is Red’, ‘The Museum of Innocence’, and ‘Snow’. His remarkable success includes selling over eleven million books in sixty different languages and being awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature. Pamuk’s works … Read more

Selim II Biography

Selim II, the 11th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was a unique ruler who had little interest in holding the title. Unlike his father, Suleiman the magnificent, Selim II was not ambitious or authoritarian. Instead, he preferred to indulge in worldly pleasures, spending most of his time in his harem drinking wine. This earned him … Read more

Aristotle Onassis Biography

Aristotle Onassis, a man who went from rags to riches, became one of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Despite a privileged upbringing, his family lost everything due to unfortunate events. Undeterred, Onassis started from scratch and eventually built a business empire, becoming a millionaire and a renowned shipping magnate. His life was marked by his vast … Read more

Metin Hara Biography

Metin Hara, a Turkish author, spiritualistic healer, and public speaker, has made a significant impact in the field of healing and wellness. Overcoming a genetic disorder that hindered his daily life, Hara discovered his innate healing abilities during his teenage years. Determined to utilize his gift, he pursued a degree in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, enabling … Read more

Selim I Biography

Selim I, also known as “Selim the Grim” or “Selim the Resolute,” was a formidable Ottoman sultan who reigned from 1512 to 1520. Through his policy of annexation, he expanded his kingdom to encompass Syria, Egypt, and the Hejaz, solidifying Ottoman dominance in the Islamic world. Selim’s reign was marked by significant victories, including the … Read more

Mustafa Yavuz Biography

Meet Mustafa Yavuz, also known as “Hazretiyasuo,” a renowned Twitch live streamer and gamer hailing from Turkey. Despite being an engineering dropout, Mustafa found his true passion in online gaming and has successfully built a substantial following on Twitch. His expertise lies in the assassin and fighter gaming character, ‘Yasuo, the Unforgiven,’ which has garnered … Read more

Enver Pasha Biography

Enver Pasha, a prominent Ottoman military officer, played a significant role in leading the Ottoman Empire during the Balkan Wars and the First World War. He was also a key figure in the Young Turk Revolution of 1908. Born into a wealthy Albanian-Turkish family, Enver pursued a military education and rose to the rank of … Read more

Nil Sani Biography

Nil Sani, a Turkish social media star living in the United States, gained popularity through her eponymous YouTube channel. As the younger sister of renowned YouTuber Hailey Sani, Nil initially appeared on her sister’s channels during their time in Turkey. However, after migrating to the USA, she embarked on her own YouTube journey in October … Read more

Saint Barbara Biography

Saint Barbara, an early Christian saint and martyr, is best known for her tragic death at the hands of her own father, a wealthy pagan. Despite her father’s rejection of her faith in Christianity, Barbara’s devotion remained unwavering. Isolated in a tower and eventually handed over to the Roman authorities, she met her fate through … Read more

Mehmed VI Biography

Mehmed VI, also known as Şahbaba, was the last Sultan of the Ottoman Empire who reigned from 1918 to 1922. Born into the House of Osman, he became the 36th Sultan in 1918. Despite opposing nationalist ideologies, he was eventually deposed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, leading to the emergence of the Republic of Turkey. Mehmed … Read more