Chase Rutherford Biography

Introducing Chase Rutherford, the American TikTok star who has captured the hearts of millions with his hilarious comedy skits and lip syncs on his TikTok account, chaserutherford. With a massive following on TikTok, Chase has become a household name in the world of social media. Not only that, but he has also made appearances on the popular Twitch show 4freakshow, showcasing his talent to an even wider audience. Beyond his TikTok and Twitch success, Chase shares his adventures through travel vlogs and life vlogs on YouTube, giving fans a glimpse into his exciting life. As if that wasn’t enough, Chase is also a hit on Instagram, where he continues to engage with his dedicated fanbase. Collaborating with other influencers is no stranger to Chase, as he has teamed up with fellow Twitch star Claire Drake and others in various entertaining videos. Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and join the ever-growing fanbase of Chase Rutherford.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 22 Years
  • Family:
    • Mother: Lisa Rutherford
    • Siblings: Brooke
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Texas

Early Life

Chase Rutherford is from Texas, US. Not much is known about his early life.

Social Media Career

Chase Rutherford became a global social media sensation after he started posting on TikTok. Known for his TikTok account, chaserutherford, he has mostly gained fame with his funny monologues and comedy skits. He now has millions of fans on TikTok. He is also known for his multiple collaborations, such as the one with Claire Drake in August 2020.

Chase has also been part of the Twitch talk show named 4freakshow. The broadcast channel also featured Claire Drake, yodelinghaley, and HamzahTheFantastic.

Chase had launched his YouTube channel long back, on June 17, 2015. The channel has, by now, gained thousands of subscribers. One of his first YouTube videos to go popular was a travel vlog named “I’m in the Grand Canyon!”, which he posted on July 23, 2018. Some of his other most-watched videos on his channel are “drama in Missippi,” “creating an Alter Ego,” “HIGH SCHOOL VLOG,” and “becoming the NEXT BIGGEST soundcloud rapper.”

One of his most popular videos showed him lip-syncing to the track “Maniac” by Conan Gray. The video, which went viral, showed his face (with the camera zooming in) and him making peculiar expressions. His fans were soon addicted to the video and began making duet videos in response. Soon, TikTok was full of copies of his video.

He is also popular on Instagram, where his account, chase_rutherford, has helped him gain thousands of followers.

Family Life

Chase often posts photos of him enjoying himself with his family on Instagram. In August 2019, he shared one such family photo. His family includes his mother, Lisa Rutherford, and his older sister, Brooke.

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