Chase Ryan Biography

Chase Ryan, a pop singer hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, is making waves in the music industry. As the older brother of the renowned TV personality Debby Ryan, known for her roles in popular Disney shows, Chase has carved out his own path as a talented singer-songwriter. With his first EP “Feel My Heart” released in 2009, Chase showcased his lyrical prowess with hits like “Saying Goodbye” and “Forecast”. Not only does he write his own songs, but Chase also takes on the role of co-producer alongside his sister Debby for his albums and singles. Their collaboration extends beyond his own music, as Chase has been involved in his sister’s musical ventures as well. Together, they created magic in 2011 with the single “We Ended Right”, where Chase not only featured but also co-produced and contributed to the lyrics. With his undeniable talent and passion for music, Chase Ryan is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 32 Years
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Sarah Shaw
    • Father: John Ryan
    • Mother: Missy Ryan
    • Siblings: Debby Ryan
  • Pop Singers
  • American Men
  • Height: 6’2″ (188 cm)
  • U.S. State: Alabama

The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Chase Ryan has been interested in music since he was a child. He also liked playing Bass and Acoustic guitar. As he grew up, he started writing lyrics for his songs. He became quite popular after the release of his debut EP “Feel My Heart”.

Talking about inspiration for his songs, Ryan told in an interview that most of the songs are relational and each song talks about a different relationship in his life under certain circumstances. While each song is different, they are connected by the fact that they directly relate to Ryan’s life and to his loved ones. For instance, “Saying Goodbye” talks about his feelings when his sister Debby moved to California on eight days’ notice to shoot for ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. He says that his sister was like his best friend and he felt horrible at that time.

His unique style and music sense attracted the attention of many and he gained a steady fan base. Some were already familiar with his face as he often accompanied his sister on premiers and shows. In 2010, Debby Ryan starred in a television film for Disney, ‘16 Wishes’, where her character, Abby, is a fan of the real singer Chase Ryan and has his album cover on the wall of her room. Chase’s song on her sister, “Saying Goodbye”, was also featured in the movie.

What Makes Chase Ryan Special

Chase Ryan is interested in making music that celebrates love and life. According to him, instead of creating music that makes one feel good, he aspires to create music that makes one feel alive by portraying real emotions. Stating that good lyrics speak to everyone, he intends to express with his words a thousand thoughts, feelings and emotions. He is always working hard to bring his words to life through music that strikes a chord with the listeners’ hearts. To achieve this, he studies musical styles ranging from old classical tunes to modern day music.

Chase is also very popular as a charming personality. His sister often mentions that he is a prince. He has a reputation as a gentleman among his fans who often admire his treatment of his sister and his fiancée Sarah Shaw.

Beyond Fame

For a long time, Chase Ryan was in a relationship with his best friend Sarah Shaw. In April 2015, he documented his romantic proposal to her on social media by posting pictures of the whole incident on Instagram and Twitter. He captioned every picture, detailing the events of the day. Finally he told his fans that she accepted his proposal and they are marrying soon. He also thanked his friends for keeping the proposal a secret so long. Sarah also posted on her account, acknowledging that she is marrying her best friend Chase. Later that year, the couple got married at Disneyland in California. Ryan posted an image of them on Instagram a few weeks later. He informed his fans that after getting married to her on a “magical place”, they are enjoying life “happily ever after”. On Chase Ryan’s wedding, his sister Debby wore suit and tie to act as the “best man” to her brother.

Behind The Curtains

Chase Ryan, born on January 30, 1991, is the eldest child of Missy and John Ryan. He and his younger sister Debby Ryan used to sing together when they were young. They are very close to each other and are like best friends. They often collaborate on their musical ventures, co-producing their songs. Chase often contribute to Debby’s songs and feature in them.

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