Christopher Sails Jr. Biography

Meet Christopher Sails Jr., or Chris as he is affectionately known. The adorable toddler has already made a name for himself on the internet, thanks to his famous YouTube star parents, Christopher and Queen. Featured on their family channel, ‘Chris And Queen,’ Chris has captured the hearts of millions with his incredibly cute looks. Viewers can’t get enough of him, with many admitting they tune in solely to catch a glimpse of Christopher Sails Jr.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 8 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Christopher Sails
    • Mother: Queen Naija
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Michigan

Being a Young Celebrity

Christopher and Queen joined YouTube shortly after Chris’ birth. It is amazing that the channel has managed to achieve tremendous success in such a short period of time. Many of their videos have accumulated more than a million views. Ever since Chris was introduced, the popularity of their channel has been elevated quite dramatically.

Though Chris is still learning to talk, he is already a known face on the internet. Chris is an adorable child and his presence alone makes a huge difference. His parents have posted many prank videos on their channel and some of them are on Chris! Chris has appeared in their challenge videos too.

Introduction to the Channel

In Chris’ first video, his parents were seen taking up the famous whisper challenge. When the video was uploaded, fans started expressing their desire to see Chris in the subsequent videos as well. As a result of this, Christopher and Queen made a separate video in which Chris Jr. was formally introduced to his fans. Christopher and Queen have never missed an opportunity to film special moments involving Chris, which they later post on their channel.

Pranks and Challenges

Christopher then posted a video in which he was seen playing a prank on his son. In the video, titled ‘Home Alone Prank on Baby Chris,’ Chris’ parents pretended as if they left him alone at home. Scared of being alone, Chris started crying. After a while, he became so cranky that Christopher repented for playing the prank on his son. But he once again played a prank on him when he tried to trick Chris by pretending to be an abusive father. Christopher has played many such pranks on his son. Once he replaced vanilla ice cream with frozen mayonnaise and gave it to Chris. His reaction after the first bite was priceless!

Mother-Son Bonding

In the next video, Chris’ mother accompanied him in a DIY slime making tutorial, and they both failed miserably. She later posted a similar video and was successful in making slime in her second attempt. She then posted a video in which she taught her son to ride a tricycle. The mother-son duo enjoyed making Rice Krispies in their subsequent video and Queen made her boy pronounce every ingredient that she used.

Celebrations and Surprises

Every Christmas, Chris gets to shop things that he loves. The family channel has many videos in which Christopher and Queen are seen celebrating Christmas along with their son. During one of Chris’ birthdays, Christopher bought his son a cute puppy, which he named Scrappy. Christopher fulfills every wish that his son makes. He once surprised him by gifting him his dream toy car, which he enjoys driving every now and then.

Vacations and Adventures

Christopher and Queen have also posted many vlogs pertaining to their vacations. In one such travel vlog, Chris seemed terrified upon seeing crawfish for the first time. Chris then got his ears pierced in one of the videos. This was not planned by his parents as they decided to get his ears pierced after bumping into a counter for safe piercings in one of the malls which they visited. Surprisingly, Chris did not cry throughout the video. It seemed like he enjoyed the experience.

Social Media Presence

Christopher and Queen often post adorable pictures of their son on their Instagram account, which has more than a million followers. Apart from bringing in a new dimension to Christopher and Queen’s life, Chris Jr. has also helped their channel grow rapidly. Christopher has quit his job and is totally into vlogging.

Personal Life

Christopher Sails Jr. was born on February 17, 2015, in Michigan, USA. He is a born star and is loved by millions of fans from all over the world.

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