Claire Rosinkranz Biography

Claire Rosinkranz is a renowned American pop singer, social media personality, and rising star. With a massive following on TikTok, where she shares her original songs, and close to 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Claire has captivated audiences with her unique sound. Her music can also be found on popular platforms like YouTube Music and Apple Music. On her YouTube channel, she treats her 249k subscribers to live streams, vlogs, behind-the-scenes footage, and official music videos. With a strong presence on Instagram, boasting over 176k followers, and an active Twitter account, Claire Rosinkranz is a multi-talented artist making waves in the industry.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 19 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Ragnar
    • Siblings: Ellie
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: California

Rise to Fame

Claire Rosinkranz made her debut on TikTok in 2020, where she started posting her original songs and other music-related content. She quickly became viral on the video-sharing platform and thousands of people started following her. She is now one of the popular music content creators on TikTok.

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YouTube Channel

Claire Rosinkranz created her self-titled YouTube channel in 2020 and her first video was titled “Claire Rosinkranz – Backyard Boy (Official Lyric Video).” She entertains her Youtube audience with behind-the-scenes videos, vlogs, and music videos of her songs. She has also started posting short videos on her channel. In September 2020, she appeared on the famous YouTube channel Genius, where she explained the lyrics of her song “Backyard Boy.”

Personal Life

Claire Rosinkranz was born on January 2, 2004, in California, United States. Her father, Ragnar, is also a musical artist and often helps her with her songs. Claire has a sister named Ellie. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Claire shares a strong bond with her father. Her most viral song “Backyard Boy” was produced by her father. In an interview with HITZ, Claire shared that except for her father, she wouldn’t have accepted anyone else as a producer for her song. She has subtly hinted to have a crush on the English singer and songwriter Harry Styles. According to Claire, she would love to visit Asia.

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