ClownXiao Biography

ClownXiao, the American YouTuber, gained immense popularity through her entertaining Roblox videos, animations, and humorous clips on her YouTube channel. Known for her unique avatar featuring a pink-haired female clown, this non-binary social media sensation captivated a large fan base. Additionally, ClownXiao regularly shared content on TikTok, further expanding her following. Unfortunately, her career faced setbacks due to multiple violations of YouTube and TikTok guidelines, resulting in her banishment from both platforms.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 16 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Georgia

Early Life

Xiao, better known online by her pseudonym, ClownXiao, is from Atlanta, Georgia, US. Not much is known about her early life or education.

Social Media Career

ClownXiao became quite a sensation on YouTube with her Roblox-related gaming videos, animation videos, and comedy clips. She launched her channel in August 2022. One of her best-known short videos on YouTube showed her meeting a fan while gaming, which became viral and gained millions of views. She also gained millions of fans and followers on her TikTok channel by posting similar content. Fans loved her online avatar, which depicted a female clown with pink hair. However, in December 2022, her TikTok account was banned for community guideline violation, and on September 21, 2023, her primary YouTube channel was terminated for violation of YouTube’s policies.


ClownXiao has been involved in multiple controversies. She was accused of promoting scam links when she posted a Free Roblux link under all of her videos and replied to them, saying: “Like and subscribe if you love Jesus.” In December 2022, she posted a YouTube clip on Roblox players who had died, and in April 2023, she made a faux video claiming her sister, Rebootedpoppy, had died, which they later claimed was an April fool’s prank. She has also been accused of using videos of animal abuse to gain likes and once posted religious clips, asking her subscribers to like if they supported her. On August 3, 2023, social media star Parlo posted a video showcasing a screenshot from ClownXiao’s Discord messages, where she had apparently used a racial slur towards a friend.

Family Life

ClownXiao has been mostly tight-lipped about her personal life. However, it is known that she is non-binary.

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