Corinna Schumacher Biography

Corinna Schumacher, a German businesswoman and wife of former ‘Formula One’ racing champion Michael Schumacher, has become a public figure through her marriage to the seven-time champion. Despite her childhood dream of becoming a vet, her life took a different path after marrying Michael. She is known for her passion for horse riding and even participated in the ‘2010 European Championship’ in the western style category. However, tragedy struck when her husband suffered serious injuries in a skiing accident and is currently in a coma, requiring constant care. Throughout this difficult time, Schumacher has shown immense strength and has fiercely protected her personal life and the details surrounding her husband’s health.

Quick Facts

  • German Celebrities Born In March
  • Also Known As: Corinna Betsch, Née Betsch
  • Age: 54 Years, 54 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Michael Schumacher (m. 1995)
    • Mother: Gabriele Betsch
    • Children: Gina-Maria Schumacher, Mick Schumacher
  • Business Women
  • German Women

Childhood & Early Life

Corinna Schumacher, born Corinna Betsch on March 2, 1969, in Halver, Germany, had a childhood and early life for which information is scarce. However, it is known that she had a love for animals and aspired to become a veterinary doctor. Despite receiving training as a secretary, she never pursued a career in that field.


Corinna Schumacher is renowned for her skills as a horse-rider. She participated in the 2010 European Championship in the western style horse-riding category and is also recognized as an animal rights activist. In 2006, she became an ambassador for PETA and actively campaigned for a ban on the horsemeat industry. Schumacher owns a horse ranch in Switzerland that has received numerous awards for its exceptional treatment of animals. She also owns another horse ranch in Texas, where she provides care for mistreated horses.

Schumacher gained public attention following her marriage to Michael Schumacher. The couple met in 1991 through a mutual friend and tied the knot in August 1995 after a four-year courtship. Throughout her husband’s racing career, Schumacher was a dedicated supporter and was often seen by his side at racing events.

In December 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a severe accident while skiing with his son in the French Alps. Despite wearing a helmet, he sustained head injuries that resulted in a medically induced coma due to a clot in his brain. Following her husband’s accident, Corinna Schumacher withdrew from the public eye and took on the responsibility of his treatment. She sold some of his prized possessions, including his private jet and a holiday home in Norway, to fund his medical care. Schumacher prefers to keep her husband’s health condition private and has taken control of his business ventures, managing them efficiently. Despite the challenges she faces, she remains strong and resilient.

Personal Life

Corinna and Michael Schumacher have two children together. Their daughter, Gina-Maria, was born in 1997 and has followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a professional horse-rider. The couple also has a son named Mick, born in 1999, who is currently pursuing a career as a professional racer in Formula 3.

Currently, Corinna Schumacher resides with her husband in their mansion in Gland, Switzerland. She manages both his business affairs and his health matters. To maintain her privacy, she has erected tents outside her home to prevent media personnel from intruding into her personal life.


Corinna Schumacher once filed a court case against the German magazine “Die Aktuelle” for a headline that appeared on its front page. The headline read, “Corinna Schumacher – a new love makes her happy,” and the article was about her daughter Gina-Maria’s romantic relationships. Schumacher argued that the headline tarnished her image and gave readers the impression that she had abandoned her husband. However, the court refused to grant any compensation in the matter.

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