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Courtney Anne Mitchell, a Canadian fashion model and former spouse of renowned American actor and singer Corey Feldman, has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. With a career that began at a young age, Courtney has become affiliated with numerous top fashion houses and even graced the pages of ‘Playboy’ magazine. Not only has she appeared in several music videos for Corey’s songs, but their on-screen chemistry blossomed into a real-life romance. Their relationship was even showcased on the reality show ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’ Additionally, Courtney shares her spiritual musings on social media, engaging with her followers on a deeper level.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Corey Feldman, Corey Feldmansiblings: Beverly, Evan
  • Born Country: Canada
  • Models
  • Family Members
  • Height: 1.78 m


Courtney always had a keen interest in music, fashion, dance, and theater. She was just 10 years old when she started her career as a model. Her journey as a model began when she won a beauty contest for kids. Following this, she was part of a few modeling assignments, but her actual professional stint began at the age of 21. She attended London’s ‘Ministry of Sound’ to become a professional DJ and simultaneously worked at the institute’s private workshop.

Courtney’s breakthrough came when she was featured by the leading men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine ‘Playboy.’ She had the opportunity to work with ace photographer Waldy Martens, and the incredible photographs earned her a ticket to the ‘Playboy Mansion.’ Soon, Courtney began networking with the stalwarts of the modeling and entertainment world. This later helped her in shaping her career. Courtney worked with legendary ‘Playboy’ photographer David Mecey, who had worked with the magazine for 25 years, and the ‘Emmy’-nominated makeup artist Michelle Vanderhule. The team did a great job, and Courtney became David’s regular model. He promoted her name for one of his prestigious ‘Ultimate Photo Workshops.’ Courtney then worked with renowned ‘Sports Illustrated’ photographer Brian B Hayes. This modeling assignment earned her an interview and a pictorial in the May 2012 issue of ‘Summum,’ a leading French-language magazine of Canada. She was also awarded the title of “Belle De Jour” by the same magazine.

Courtney has appeared in many of Corey’s music videos, such as ‘Ascension Millennium.’ She also appeared alongside Corey Feldman in an episode of the TV series ‘LA Rangers.’ She was appointed as the ambassador of Corey’s new and upcoming company, ‘Corey’s Angels.’ Courtney also performed as the DJ during Corey’s promotional tour for his album ‘Angelic 2 the Core.’ They participated as a couple on the reality show ‘Celebrity Wife Swap.’ Courtney partnered with comedian Tommy Davidson on the show. Their stint on the show was highly praised by critics and audiences.

Marriage with Corey Feldman

Courtney and Corey developed feelings for each other while working together on their projects. Eventually, their professional rapport led to a blooming romance. They were, however, not sure of marriage. After dating for about four years, Corey finally proposed to Courtney. It was a written proposal, paired with a ring. Courtney said “yes,” and the two soon got engaged. Two weeks after the engagement, Corey and Courtney tied the knot in a private ceremony at Sir Elton John’s ‘Fizz Champagne Lounge’ at ‘Caesars Palace’ in Las Vegas. Their wedding was officiated by Marklen Kennedy, creator of the American reality TV series ‘Gigolos.’ The pre-wedding extravaganza included a bachelor party at the famous ‘Chateau Nightclub’ in Las Vegas.

Courtney supported Corey Feldman through the ups and downs of his life. She stood beside him when he fought against the memories of being victimized by pedophiles in his childhood. On several occasions, he referred to Courtney as his spiritual mentor.


According to a report published in the People magazine in August 2023, Courtney Mitchell and Corey Feldman had decided to separate after 7 years of marriage. 

Social Media Presence

Courtney is quite active on her social-media accounts. Being a spiritual person, Courtney regularly posts spiritual thoughts and quotes on her ‘Instagram’ page. She also promotes veganism on ‘Instagram.’ She has shared adorable pictures of herself and Corey, her ex-husband.

Personal Life

Courtney Anne Mitchell was born on January 28, 1989, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She grew up with her brother, Evan, and her sister, Beverly.

Courtney developed a keen interest in dance at a tender age. At the age of 8, she began learning tap dance. Her love for dance eventually escalated into a passion for lyrical dance and ballet.

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