Dalaija Monet Biography

Dalaija Monet, also known as “ddalaijaa,” is a rising internet celebrity who has gained popularity through her dance videos and funny clips on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. While not much is known about her personal life, family, or educational background, she often features her younger sister in her videos. Her first YouTube video, a Q&A session, was a hit and garnered a significant number of views.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 19 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: California

Early Life & Family

Dalaija Monet was born on January 24, 2004, in Lake Charles, Los Angeles, United States of America. In spite of her being a rising social-media celebrity, surprisingly, not much information about her personal life or her family is available on the internet or elsewhere. She does, however, feature her younger sister in her clips.

Dalaija’s Rise as a TikTok Star

Dalaija Monet began her social-media career on ‘TikTok’ (previously known as ‘musical.ly), where she is known as “laii,” or “ddalaijaa” (her ‘TikTok’ ID). Fans love her eye-catching dance moves in her videos. She has managed to gain over 4.8 million likes and 279.6 thousand fans on the platform. In 2020, she posted a ‘TikTok’ clip set to the Sean Paul track “Get Busy.”

Her Presence on YouTube

She is also present on ‘YouTube.’ She launched her own ‘YouTube’ channel, “dalaija,” on December 25, 2018. The channel has already gained more than 11 thousand subscribers and over 29 thousand views. Her first ‘YouTube’ video, “Instagram Q&A (Get To Know Me) | dalaija,” was posted on January 13, 2020. It gained over 18 thousand views and more than 2.8 thousand likes. It was also her first ‘YouTube’ video to cross 10 thousand views. Another video on her ‘YouTube’ channel, “Reacting To Assumptions About Us Ft Savannah | dalaija,” posted on February 16, 2020, has more than 11 thousand views and over 1.3 thousand likes.

Popularity on Instagram

Dalaija Monet’s popularity on ‘Instagram,’ too, is soaring. Her account on the platform, “ddalaijaa,” has around 84.9 thousand followers. She primarily posts ‘Dubsmash’ and dance clips on her ‘Instagram’ account. Her first ‘Instagram’ video, posted in June 2020, was a “Black Lives Matter”-themed dance video. She has also collaborated with a few brands on ‘Instagram,’ such as the Los Angeles-based custom clothing company, “customsbyraegan.” Most of her videos show her sporting a braided look and experimenting with hair color and face paint. In an ‘Instagram’ video posted in July 2020, she was seen dancing in her kitchen. It was captioned: “its 7:12 am and i havent slept bt wassup.” In another video, she was seen dancing with her friend, “_prettyblacklewis.” She promotes fellow “Instagrammer” Savannah by highlighting her account, “sayyvannah,” on her ‘Instagram’ profile. In July 2020, Dalaija Monet posted a supporters’ collaborative dance video on ‘Instagram’ and tagged each one of them. She has a backup page on ‘Instagram,’ titled “ddalaijaa2.” It has more than 8 thousand followers. She is also present on ‘Snapchat’ as “dalaija.”

Other Social Media Platforms

There is an unverified ‘Twitter’ account bearing her name, “dalaija monet.” It was launched in January 2015 and has just 16 followers and no “tweets.”

Dalaija Monet as a Person

In her first Q&A video on ‘YouTube,’ Dalaija Monet was seen answering her fans’ questions. She also gave her fans some tips on how to deal with braces. She claimed she would like to live in California or Florida when she grows up. Dalaija had first started dancing in March 2018, back when she got her braces. She is quite fond of piercings and wishes to pierce her nose and belly button someday. She hates getting played and would play someone back if she is cheated on. She believes she is nice and avoids replying in a mean way even if someone does some harm to her, because she is a public figure and reacting negatively would portray her in a bad light. Dalaija loves gorging on pasta from ‘Chili’s.’ Replying to a fan query, she said she had often thought of quitting social media but had not done so since a lot of her supporters look up to her. She is motivated to dance because of her supporters. She also claims that she often gets nervous when she thinks of meeting her fans.

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