Dallon Weekes Biography

Dallon James Weekes is a well-known American musician and songwriter, best known for his work with the band Panic! at the Disco. He is also the bass guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter for his independent band The Brobecks. With a successful career spanning group projects, solo performances, and hit singles, Weekes has earned considerable fame both in the U.S. and internationally. He has a large fan following on social media and is admired for his musical talents. In his personal life, Weekes is happily married and a proud father of two children.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 42 Years
  • Family: Spouse/Ex-: Breezy Douglas (m. 2006), children: Amelie Olivia Weekes, Knox Oliver Weekes
  • Guitarists
  • American Men
  • Height: 6’3″ (190 cm)
  • U.S. State: Missouri

Childhood & Early Life

Dallon Weekes was born on May 4, 1981, in a small town in Verona, Missouri, U.S. into a Mormon family. He was raised in Clearfield, Utah. He studied at the Clearfield High School and graduated with honors in the year 1999. After completing his graduation, Weekes served in Oklahoma for two years as a full-time Mormon Missionary. Later on, he attended the Weber State University for a short duration and dropped out from there to pursue his career in music.

Career with the Brobecks (2002–)

Dallon Weekes, along with a couple of his friends, formed the band the Brobecks after returning to Utah. Initially, the band recorded basement demos and went on tours. After a few years, Weekes was offered solo record projects from Interscope Records, Indie Label, and Sony BMG. The condition of these solo contracts was that Weekes should perform solo and drop his band mates, which he declined. In 2008, the band released the album ‘I Will, Tonight EP’. Around that time, their single titled ‘Second Boys Will Be First Choice’ was added to daily rotation of Salt Lake City radio station X96. Within two days of its addition, the song acquired the number ‘1’ spot in the list of daily top songs and stayed there for thirteen days. In 2009, the album titled ‘Violent Things’ was released by the Brobecks. Three years later, Weekes released ‘Quiet Title EP’ that consisted of two songs, ‘Cluster Hug’ and ‘Anyone I Know’.

Panic! At the Disco (2009–)

Dallon Weekes was hired as a bassist and back-up vocalist for the band ‘Panic! at the Disco’ in 2009. Although he was initially inducted as a replacement instrumentalist, he became a full-time member in 2010 while he was touring with the band in China. Also, Weekes’ permanent status was publicly unknown until he confirmed the news via Twitter in 2012. In the year 2011, the American musician contributed to the band’s album titled ‘Vices & Virtues’. He also worked on the cover art for the project and even appeared on the album’s cover. Two years later, in 2013, he wrote songs for the band’s fourth album titled ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’. In October 2015, Weekes said goodbye to the official line-up of this band.

Solo Projects

Dallon Weekes released the single ‘Skid Row’ in September 2010, making it available for free online download. Then in 2014, he released his Christmas single titled ‘Sickly Sweet Holidays’. This song featured Ryan Seaman, a drummer, and Tyler Joseph, a backing vocalist. The following year, he released the song ‘Teenage FBI’ followed by his second Christmas single ‘Please Don’t Jump (It’s Christmas)’ in November 2016. In 2015, he started a cover series named ‘TWOMINCVRS’ which he utilizes to self-release the covers of songs that are of duration of two minutes or less via his own YouTube channel.

Awards & Achievements

Dallon Weekes was nominated for the ‘Best Bassist Award’ at the event of Alternative Press Music Awards (2015). Apart from the honors given to the musician by the industry, he has been given significant amounts of love and appreciation by his fans, from all across the world. Dallon Weekes has successfully managed to earn millions of fans, both on social media and otherwise. As of May 2017, he has 426k and more than 281k followers on his Instagram and Twitter accounts respectively.

Marriage & Personal Life

Dallon Weekes married his girlfriend Breezy Douglas in 2006. The couple has two children – son, Knox Oliver Weekes, and daughter, Amelie Olivia Weekes. Besides this, Weekes is known for his religious and charitable nature. He is a part of ‘Church of Jesus Christ’ belonging to Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

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