Darius Dobre Biography

Darius Dobre, a famous YouTuber from the USA, is known for his collaborative channel ‘Dobre Brothers’ with his twin YouTubers Lucas and Marcus. With over 4.3 million subscribers, their channel has gained immense popularity on YouTube. Darius, along with his third sibling Cyrus, frequently features on this channel. Apart from YouTube, Darius has a strong presence on Instagram with a following of over 996k people. As the son of gymnastics coach Boz Mofid and Olympic gymnast Aurelia Dobre, Darius has inherited talent and creativity. His videos are not only enjoyable but also unique in their own way. His prank videos, in particular, have gained a huge fan base. In his leisure time, Darius loves to travel and have fun with his brothers and friends.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 28 Years
  • Family:
    • Father: Boz Mofid
    • Mother: Aurelia Dobres
    • Siblings: Cyrus, Lucas, Marcus
  • U.S. State: Maryland

Rise to Stardom

Darius Dobre, along with his brothers Lucas and Marcus, launched a collaborative channel ‘Dobre Brothers’ on June 5, 2017. His first video was ‘Why we are doing this’ in which he and his brothers talked about themselves and their channel. This was followed by his prank video titled ‘We Pranked Lucas And Marcus’ in which he and his brother Cyrus played a prank on their brothers Lucas And Marcus. After this, more such videos were posted by the Dobre Brothers on the channel.

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Till date, they have posted numerous videos on their channel and each one of their videos is a must-watch! If you are having a bad day, their crazy and fun videos can lighten up your mood in minutes. Plus, you will get to learn more about the lives of this hilarious bunch of siblings! Two of the most popular videos on ‘Dobre Brothers’ are ‘She Said Yes’ and ‘Our Puppy Got Him Lucky’. These videos, having over 15 million and over 11 million views respectively, are extremely delightful to watch.

Talking about the popularity of this channel, it has successfully earned over 4.3 million subscribers. The channel has received more than 622 million views (as of August 2018). The most recent videos on the channel include ‘We Got Him Good’ and ‘Slime Phone Prank On Our Mom.’

Personal Life

Darius Dobre was born on August 2, 1995 in Maryland, the USA to Aurelia Dobre and Boz Mofid. His mother is a renowned Olympic gymnast while his father is a popular gymnastics coach. He has three younger brothers, namely Marcus, Lucas, and Cyrus. His twin brothers Marcus and Lucas also have a collaborative channel titled ‘Lucas and Marcus’ on YouTube and were popular on Vine by the name Twinbotz. His other brother Cyrus is a part of the collaborative channel ‘Cyrus and Christina’ on which he posts alongside his girlfriend. All of the boys feature on the channel ‘Dobre Brothers.’ Darius Dobre has graduated from the Towson University.

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