D’Aydrian Harding Biography

Meet D’Aydrian Harding, the American TikTok star who has taken the world by storm with his hilarious clips on his TikTok account, daydrianharding. Known by his online alias, AdrianIsFunny, he has also gained a massive following on YouTube and Instagram, where he shares his unique and entertaining content. With a fanbase in the millions, Adrian has even ventured into the world of merchandise, offering his own branded products. While his fame continues to rise, his love life remains a mystery.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 22 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: Kansas
  • African-American From Kansas

Early Life

D’Aydrian Harding, better known online as AdrianIsFunny, is from Wichita, Kansas. He now often hops between Wichita and Atlanta.

Social Media Career

D’Aydrian, or Adrian, shot to fame as a TikTok celebrity with his funny comedy clips. His TikTok account, daydrianharding, has, over the years, fetched him millions of fans. He is also known for his initial series of TikTok videos, which has him mouthing the words “you cute, bro.” He has also collaborated with many top-notch content creators on TikTok, such as Cody Morgan (known as lilmfcurb) and Justin McNease.

He later focused on his personal YouTube channel, which he had launched back in January 2015. He is known for his unique long-form comedy videos on YouTube, and some of his videos are even over 20 minutes long. He has, over the years, gained millions of subscribers on the platform. Some of his most popular videos on the channel are Funniest Pranks of 2021!, This Whole Video Is Racist!, Rude Walkie Talkie Prank!, We Stole This One!, He Tried To Take My Life!, He Almost Killed Me!, and Exploding Basketballs In Public Prank!

Adrian is equally popular on Instagram, where he began posting content in February 2020. He mostly posts snippets from his life and photos of his friends and loved ones. He also sells his own branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, beanie, hoodies, on the site daydrianharding.com.

Family Life

Not much is known about Adrian’s love life or relationships, but it is known that he shares a close bond with his mom. A July 2021 clip on his YouTube channel showed him taking his mother out on a shopping spree worth $1,000.

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