Debbie Trejo Biography

Debbie Trejo, an American former actress and ex-wife of actor Danny Trejo, has made a name for herself in both the entertainment industry and real estate. With a handful of film credits to her name, she started her acting career in 2005 before transitioning into her current role as a realtor. As a single mother of two, Trejo excels at balancing her personal and professional life, ensuring her children’s needs are met while also giving her job her all. With her confident and bold demeanor, she serves as a role model for her kids, encouraging them to be independent and strong.

Quick Facts

  • Family:
    • Spouse/Ex-: Danny Trejo (m. 1997 – 2009)
    • Children: Danielle Trejo, Danny Boy Trejo, Gilbert Trejo, Rebecca
  • Born Country: United States
  • Actresses
  • Family Members
  • U.S. State: California


Debbie Trejo began her acting career in 2005 with a role in the sports comedy film ‘Tennis, Anyone…?’ where she played the assistant to one of the lead characters, Hector, portrayed by her then-husband Danny Trejo. In 2006, she appeared as a casting director in the crime comedy movie ‘High Hopes’. That same year, Debbie Trejo starred alongside her husband in the film ‘Vengeance’, which would be her last acting role.

Transition to Real Estate

After her separation from Danny Trejo in 2009, Debbie Trejo sought out new career opportunities. While she did not want to pursue acting full-time, she desired something dynamic. Eventually, she joined the real estate company Re/Max Olson & Associates. She currently works as a realtor for the agency, specializing in selling houses listed at values above $1 million.

Relationship with Danny Trejo

Debbie Trejo and Danny Trejo first met in Los Angeles and eventually got married on December 12, 1997. They have two children together, a daughter named Danielle and a son named Gilbert. Debbie also became a stepmother to Danny Trejo’s other children, Rebecca and Danny Boy. In 2009, the couple divorced but remained on friendly terms with each other. Currently, they are both focused on their respective careers, and there is no information about their second marriages or any rumors of dating or love affairs in the media.

Personal Life

Debbie Trejo was born in Tarzana, California, USA. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about her parents, siblings, and education. She continues to work as a realtor and resides in Los Angeles with her children.

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