DeLayNee June Nelson Biography

DeLayNee Nelson, an American YouTube star, has gained recognition as a prominent member of the renowned YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons. Managed by her adoptive parents, Tiffany and Benjin Nelson, the channel offers a diverse range of family vlogs, skits, pranks, challenges, and other engaging content. With a total of 16 kids, including several who are adopted, DeLayNee’s presence on Instagram has also garnered a significant following.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: KenLeigh
  • Age: 12 Years, 12 Year Old Females
  • Family:
    • Father: Benji Nelson
    • Mother: Tiffany Nelson
    • Siblings: ElleCee, Beckham, Bridger Nelson, ElleCee Faith Nelson, Ledger Nike Nelson, Lilee, Luke, SaiDee
  • Born Country: United States

Early Life

DeLayNee Nelson was named KenLeigh by her birth mother, Amy, who was a drug addict. The name was a combination of the first names of DeLayNee’s siblings: KennaDee (SaiDee) and Lily (LiLee). DeLayNee was adopted by YouTuber Tiffany, who had already adopted her other biological siblings: SaiDee, LiLee, and Luke. DeLayNee was later renamed after Tiffany’s mother.

Apparently, DeLayNee stayed with her biological mother, Amy, for over 3 years, when Amy had stopped doing drugs. However, DeLayNee later moved in with Tiffany in September 2015. In 2023, Amy passed away.

DeLayNee attends a public school. She loves Math and is also well-versed in Chinese. DeLayNee is also part of a club soccer team and loves playing basketball and softball too.

Social Media Career

DeLayNee Nelson is part of the globally famous YouTube family channel Not Enough Nelsons. The channel, launched by Tiffany and Benji Nelson on December 12, 2018, has grown by leaps and bounds. Its content mostly consists of challenges, family vlogs, comedy skits, pranks, and other engaging content featuring Tiffany, Benji, and their 16 children (many of whom are adopted).

The debut video on the channel was titled 15 SIBLINGS?! I’M NO LONGER A PART OF THIS FAMILY! The channel now has millions of subscribers. They family once offered a tour of their three-storied home, which has ten bathrooms. Some of the channel’s most-loved videos are 15 Siblings SWAP DIETS for 24HRS!! and Can You GUESS who’s ADOPTED??

DeLayNee also has her own Instagram account, delayneejunenelson, which is managed by her parents. She has promoted top-notch brands such as Got Milk? too.

Family Life

DeLayNee is part of the huge 18-member family of YouTubers Tiffany and Benji Nelson. Her adoptive parents have 16 kids, 9 of whom are adopted.

Her biological siblings, who are also part of the Nelson family now, are SaiDee, Lilee, Luke, Beckham, and ElleCee. Her other siblings are Ledger, KassaDee, PresLee, Paislee, NayVee, JourNee, KennaDee, Bridger, Trey, and Jaine.

DeLayNee is a budding athlete and is an outdoorsy, tomboyish girl. She is also fond of skateboarding and loves pizza.

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