Devenity Perkins Biography

Devenity Perkins, a star turned TikTok sensation, has taken the virtual world by storm with her hilarious videos. With over a million followers on her TikTok account ‘PerkinsSisters’, Devenity has become a popular figure among teenagers and youngsters. Not only her fans, but even her family members are impressed by her comedic talent and often assist her in creating these entertaining videos. Alongside her elder sister Daniella, Devenity shares her love for adventure trips when she’s not busy making videos. Known for her jovial and perky personality, Devenity is a social media enthusiast who loves to create fun in various situations.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 20 Years
  • Family: Siblings – Daniella Perkins
  • U.S. State: California

Devenity’s Rise to Stardom

Devenity, a talented teenager, gained recognition for her roles in the documentaries ‘Gina’s Journey: The Search for William Grimes’ (2014) and ‘Senior Slasher’ (2014). Alongside her sister Daniella, Devenity started the WzTheBuzz portal in 2008 and turned it into a successful business in 2011. The website provides reviews on various topics such as restaurants, recipes, and fashion, serving as a valuable source of information for many people. Devenity has also gained popularity on TikTok and has a decent following on all social media platforms. The sisters have 115K followers on Instagram and thousands of subscribers on YouTube.

What Makes Devenity Special

Devenity is known for her curiosity, spontaneity, and energy. She values integrity, healthy living, and equality. In their video titled ‘Messy Trivia Challenge’, Devenity and her sister showcase their playful and fun-loving nature, keeping viewers entertained and laughing. The sisters consistently come up with unique and funny ideas for their videos, and Devenity’s cuteness adds to her charm and uniqueness.

Beyond Fame

Devenity prefers to keep her love life private, but in one of their videos, she and her sister try out online dating. They meet two boys they connected with online at a joint and play video games together. The boys play a prank on them by hiding and then surprising the girls when they start looking for them. They all have dinner together, and the girls enjoy spending time with their online dates, who are actually real-life friends.

Behind The Curtains

Devenity was born at the Saint Jude Hospital in Fullerton, California, United States. She has an older sister named Daniella Perkins, who is in a relationship with a guy named Noah. Devenity and Daniella share a close bond and enjoy doing silly things together to make people laugh. They have created most of their videos together, and it is evident that they thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.


Devenity’s pet name is Deven.

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