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Drew Scott, a Canadian actor, realtor, and entrepreneur, rose to fame alongside his twin brother Jonathan with their hit television show ‘Property Brothers’. With their irresistible charm, humor, and sex appeal, the brothers captured the hearts of audiences and have since expanded their empire with spin-offs, related shows, and even their own app. They have also written a book and are currently working on a memoir. Beyond their successful career, Drew is actively involved in philanthropy and has collaborated with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Read Let’s Move’ initiative.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In April
  • Also Known As: Andrew Alfred Scott
  • Age: 45 Years, 45 Year Old Males
  • Family: siblings: J.D. Scott, Jonathan Scott
  • Actors
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurs
  • Height: 6’4″ (193 cm), 6’4″ Males
  • City: Vancouver, Canada

Childhood & Early Life

Drew Scott was born Andrew Alfred Scott on April 28, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Jim and Joanne Scott. His birth came as a surprise to his parents who thought they were having only one child, his twin brother Jonathan. He has another older brother, James Daniel.

His father moved from Scotland to Vancouver as a teenager and became a stuntman in the film industry, also working as an actor and director at times. His mother was a paralegal for a law firm in downtown Vancouver before he was born.

He spent his childhood in a horse farm in the town of Maple Ridge, where the family of five shared a single-bath house. As children, both the brothers performed sketch comedy, improvisation, and illusion at parties, often charging money; however, as they grew up, Drew became interested in basketball while Jonathan continued with magic.

During his teenage years, he attended Thomas Haney Secondary School, where he excelled in sports. After graduating from school, the family shifted to their ranch in Alberta and the twin brother went to University of Calgary, from where he did his major in kinesiology.

He started horse-riding at the age of three and played basketball for his school team. Practicing four to five hours a day, he had recorded an impressive 43-inch vertical jump, but got injured before playing for his college team in the first season.

Early Career

Despite their Hollywood dreams, Drew Scott and his business-minded brother decided to make sure that they do not end up as “starving artists” in their pursuit of an acting career. An informercial by Carleton Sheets encouraged them to invest in real estate to provide for them while looking for acting jobs.

After entering university, they leased an old house right across the streets and rented it out for $800/month after renovation, essentially living rent-free while making a profit. They eventually bought the $200,000 house on a $250 down payment and later sold it for a profit of over $50,000.

In the following years, they continued to buy and sell properties, making minimal renovations by themselves. A few negative experiences with realtors eventually convinced the two brothers to get licensed themselves; he took a real estate course while Jonathan became a contractor.

For the next 15 years, they purchased, renovated and sold an average of 50 properties each year, working on up to a maximum of 10 projects at a time. In 2004, the two brothers founded the company Scott Real Estate Inc. as a one-stop shop for buying, selling and renovating properties.

The company had dozens of employees and had offices in Vancouver and Calgary. In 2007, Jonathan moved to Las Vegas and set up a branch there, and Drew joined him there a couple years later.

Television Career

Drew Scott, who had always dreamed of a career in television and films, started his acting career appearing in the 1997 television shows ‘Breaker High’ and ‘Madison’. He later worked in the 2006 series ‘Smallville’, followed by appearances in a few short films and television shows.

While Drew Scott’s acting career initially took a backseat for his real estate projects, he and his two brothers founded the independent film production company, Dividian Production Group, in 2002. He moved to Vancouver in 2005 to pursue acting seriously.

He hosted a number of shows with real estate themes around this time, sometimes along with his twin brother. He was selected as the host of the upcoming Cineflix show, ‘Realtor Idol’, but the show was later cancelled.

Cineflix, which considered him as a co-host for another show, ‘My Dream Home’, decided to include his brother after they learned that he is also involved in real estate. The show was then renamed ‘Property Brothers’ and aired on HGTV in January 2011, eventually becoming the channel’s highest rated show.

He relocated to Las Vegas in 2010 and bought a house with his brothers the following year. The renovation of the property spawned a new spin-off show titled ‘Property Brothers: At Home’.

In 2012, they started a new series, ‘Buying and Selling’, in which the twin brothers helped couples renovate and sell their old house and buy a new property. The same year, they started working on another show, ‘Brother Vs. Brother’, which premiered in July 2013 and pitted them against each other to achieve the highest resale value on renovation.

They hosted another spin-off series in 2015, ‘Property Brothers: At Home on the Ranch’, which chronicled their renovation of the ranch of a family friend in Longview, Alberta. They wrote and recorded two country-themed songs for the show, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Let the Night Shine In’, followed by a charity song, ‘My House’, featuring Eric Paslay.

In November 2016, they produced another show, ‘Brothers Take New Orleans’, which saw them renovating a house which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina and has been uninhabited for 11 years. They are in production of another spin-off, ‘Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House’, in which Drew and his fiancée Linda Phan will be seen remodeling their home in Los Angeles.

Major Works

‘Property Brothers’, which is broadcast in 150 countries, has been the most popular show by Drew Scott and his brother Jonathan. It has been the highest rated HGTV show consistently for years and has won numerous awards.

Personal Life & Legacy

Drew Scott started dating Linda Phan in 2010 after they met at a Toronto Fashion Week event. They got engaged on December 13, 2016 and live together in their Las Vegas home, shared with Jonathan.


Encouraged by their father, Drew Scott and Jonathan started their first business at the age of seven, and even established the company JAM Enterprise (short for Jon, Andrew and Mom). They sold homemade nylon covered hangers from door-to-door, but the business flourished after a neighbor started ordering thousands to export to Japan.

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