Elisabeth Rioux Biography

Elisabeth Rioux, a Canadian model, entrepreneur, and social-media influencer, made her mark in the fashion industry at just 18 years old. She launched her swimwear collection, ‘Hoaka Swimwear,’ which quickly gained popularity and became her first successful venture as an entrepreneur. Building on this success, Elisabeth expanded her brand by introducing an underwear range, which is now available in multiple countries through her company’s shopping website. Not only does Elisabeth model for her clothing lines, but she also creates engaging content for her social-media pages, particularly on Instagram, where she shares stunning pictures as part of her brand’s promotional strategy. Additionally, Elisabeth actively involves her fans and friends in the social-media promotion of her brands. To further connect with her audience, she also shares travel vlogs on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Quick Facts

  • Canadian Celebrities Born In December
  • Boyfriend: Jay Alvarrez, Jonathan Germain
  • Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Females
  • Family: siblings: Chloe Rioux
  • Born Country: Canada

Elisabeth’s Career

Elisabeth was previously associated with the Montreal-based model-management company ‘Dulcedo,’ but she is no longer affiliated with it. She launched her ‘YouTube’ channel on November 19, 2013, and her first video was a travel vlog documenting her trip to Croatia. Her channel features vlogs, Q&As, travel diaries, storytimes, and challenge videos. One of her vlogs, where she introduced her current boyfriend, has over a million views, making it the most-viewed video on her channel. Elisabeth has gained around 231 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She is also an ‘Instagram’ model with 1.8 million followers.

Entrepreneurship and ‘Hoaka Swimwear’

While studying marketing in business school, Elisabeth came up with the idea to launch her own swimsuit line called ‘Hoaka Swimwear.’ She noticed a lack of stylish yet comfortable swimwear options and wanted to promote body positivity. The swimsuits are primarily made of neoprene, a flexible and warm material. After a year of designing, she launched ‘Hoaka’ in 2016. Elisabeth promoted the brand through an ‘Instagram’ page, featuring pictures of fans wearing ‘Hoaka’ swimwear. She uses social media to gather feedback on her products. Elisabeth’s father and sister help manage the brand.

‘Bamboo Underwear’ and Other Ventures

Elisabeth co-owns an underwear line called ‘BAMBOO UNDERWEAR’ with three other entrepreneurs. The brand has a pop-up store and is available online in over 40 countries. Elisabeth and her former boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez, did a photo shoot in Los Angeles to promote the ‘Bamboo Underwear’ collection for couples. The shoot was directed by renowned photographer Jasper Suyk.

Personal Life

Elisabeth was born on December 20, 1996, in Canada. She has a sister named Chloe Rioux, who is also popular on Instagram. Elisabeth has been in relationships with Jay Alvarrez and Jonathan Germain, both of whom have appeared in her Q&A videos. She is currently dating model Bryan McCormick. Elisabeth and Bryan have adopted a dog and a cat together. She is a vegan and enjoys traveling to beaches, with Costa Rica being her favorite destination. Elisabeth is passionate about photography and has tattoos on her right hand and belly. She has also opened up about her struggles with anxiety and a suicide attempt in one of her vlogs.

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