Ella Mendelsohn Biography

Introducing Ella Mendelsohn, an American social media sensation and renowned TikTok star with a massive following of 2.4 million fans on her ellamendelsohn account. Not only that, but she is also a prominent Instagram model, captivating over 514k followers on her ellamendelsohn account. With her self-titled YouTube channel, Ella Mendelsohn, she shares an array of content including hauls, vlogs, fashion videos, and short clips, captivating a dedicated subscriber base of nearly 37k. Ella Mendelsohn’s channel has even featured popular social media celebrities like Azaria McKinnon, Brittney Mooney, and Brooke Mooney.

Quick Facts

  • Age: 18 Years
  • Born Country: United States
  • U.S. State: New Yorkers

Rise to Fame

Ella Mendelsohn made her TikTok debut in 2020. She started posting lip-sync and dance videos that quickly went viral. Within a year, she became a TikTok sensation with millions of fans to her name. Ella Mendelsohn is also famous on Instagram for her elegant modeling photos. She has half a million followers on the platform who like and share her photos.

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YouTube Channel

Ella Mendelsohn created her self-titled YouTube channel, Ella Mendelsohn, in late 2016, but the channel got active only in 2020, when she posted her first video, “Getting Ready With Ella Mendelsohn.” On YouTube, Ella is famous for her vlogs, haul videos, fashion content, and short videos. Popular YouTube and TikTok stars have also made an appearance on her channel.

Personal Life

Ella Mendelsohn was born on February 12, 2005, in the United States. Her parents work in the fashion industry. Ella’s mother has appeared in some of her YouTube videos. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Ella Mendelsohn and Sofya Kurilina are best friends. In a Q&A video, the TikTok stars shared that they have known each other since school. While they were not so close initially, Ella and Sofya became best friends during middle school. They maintain a long-distance friendship as Sofya has relocated to Kazakhstan and only comes to the United States during the summer break. Their favorite subject of discussion is philosophy. According to Sofya, they mostly talk about the “philosophical part of life.” They both love New York City.

Ella is an ambivert. While she is fairly open with her close friends, Ella prefers maintaining a formal demeanor in front of new faces. She has a pet dog who has appeared in her TikTok videos.

Ella has not shared anything related to her past relationships or current relationship status.

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