Erin Gilfoy Biography

Erin Gilfoy is an American Viner and YouTuber who gained popularity on Vine with her hilarious and practical prank videos. Alongside her best friend Carly Incontro, they started the YouTube channel ‘Carly and Erin’ and created the famous ‘Vining and Driving’ series. Despite Vine shutting down, they continued their YouTube journey, expanding their content to vlogs, challenges, and pranks. With over 982K subscribers, their videos attract millions of views, including their recent video roasting the MET GALA outfits. Erin also has her own personal YouTube channel and is a popular Instagram celebrity with over 393K followers. Currently residing in Los Angeles, she is engaged to be married.

Quick Facts

  • Boyfriend: T. J. Petracca
  • Age: 32 Years
  • Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
  • U.S. State: Massachusetts

Rise to Fame

Erin Gilfoy rose to fame when she joined the now-defunct app, Vine, in early 2015. With over 50,000 followers on her Vine account, many of her videos were constantly looped and shared by users. One of her most famous vine videos, ‘truth or dare w/ Carly Incontro’, received an astonishing two million loops within the year of its upload. However, Vine was eventually shut down by its partner company. Before Vine closed its doors, Erin and her best friend Carly Incontro started the YouTube channel ‘Carly and Erin’, initially focusing on the ‘Vining and Dining’ series. In this series, they interviewed popular Vine stars while driving around the city. The series became popular as many Vine fans could find out more about their favorite celebrities. Some of the popular Vine personalities who appeared on the series include Brandon Calvillo, David Dobrik, Harmony Smith, and MielMonster.

Continuing the Channel

Despite Vine’s closure, Erin and Carly decided to continue their YouTube channel. They shifted their focus to creating fun vlogs that people could relate to and started posting more frequently. They began posting videos of popular YouTube challenges, reactions, and pranks, eventually branching out to other funny videos. They also started collaborating with other social media influencers and often featured them. Although the channel had a slow start, it currently has over 900,000 followers and 115 million views. Their latest video, titled ‘ROASTING MET GALA OUTFITS!!’, reached over one million views within a week of its posting. Other popular videos from their channel include ‘TELLING THE VLOG SQUAD SHES PREGNANT!!’ with 2 million views, ‘VLOG SQUAD GIRLS ANSWER RELATIONSHIP QUESTIONS!!’ with 2 million views, and ‘DAVIDS FIRST TIME AT STARBUCKS!!’ with over 2 million views. Carly and Erin, known as the ‘Vlog Squad’, continue to upload videos regularly and collaborate with several brands as social media influencers. They also interact with their fans through mail and sell merchandise on their website.

Erin’s Personal Channels

Apart from the collaborative channel, Erin also has her own YouTube channel where she frequently posts about her life. She has over 87,000 subscribers and 2 million views on this channel. Her most popular videos include ‘surprising fiancé with super bowl tickets!’ with 138,000 plus views and ‘WE’RE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!’ with 93,000 plus views. Erin also showcases her funny and quirky side on Instagram, where she has over 393K followers. Her posts often feature images of her travels, pets, and friends. She is also active on Twitter.

Personal Life

Erin Gilfoy was born on June 30, 1991, in Massachusetts, U.S.A. She is in a relationship with T. J. Petracca, a digital strategist in the music industry and co-founder of the creative agency Ride or Cry. The couple got engaged in October 2018, and a video of the proposal was shared on Erin’s personal YouTube channel. They frequently display their affection on social media and often appear in each other’s Instagram posts. Erin currently resides in Los Angeles with her fiancé and her pet cat, Sheila. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, shopping, and reading. Her favorite books include ‘Watch Me Disappear’ by Janelle Brown and ‘This Will Only Hurt a Little’ by Busy Phillips.

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