Gabriel Glenn Biography

Gabriel Glenn, an American musician, has recently made headlines for his relationship with Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson. Both are members of the band ‘The Soundflowers’ and have performed together in various live shows. Glenn is also a part of the metal band ‘Trash Dogs,’ which has shared the stage with Jackson’s cousin Austin Brown. While the exact start of their relationship remains unknown, Glenn and Jackson opened up about their love in 2018. Despite Jackson’s previous romantic involvements, the two are now deeply in love and often express their affection for each other through social media. They have even been seen attending red-carpet events as a couple.

Quick Facts

  • Girlfriend: Paris Jackson
  • Age: 32 Years, 32 Year Old Males
  • Born Country: United States
  • Guitarists
  • American Men

Relationship with Jackson

Jackson and Glenn’s relationship was first revealed to the public through an ‘Instagram’ post in June 2018. This post put an end to the rumors about their relationship that had surfaced previously. At the time, they claimed to be “just friends” and “bandmates.” However, ever since their relationship became public, they have continued to show their love for each other through Jackson’s social media accounts.

Music and ‘The Soundflowers’

Music has played a crucial role in bringing Glenn and Jackson closer. They both sing, play instruments, and record folksy music for their duo, ‘The Soundflowers.’ Jackson plays the ukulele, while Glenn is the guitarist of the band. They also both sing for the duo. Their “first official gig” was in 2019 at ‘The Mint’ in Los Angeles, where they performed a mix of originals and covers. One of the covers they performed was Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song,’ which holds a special significance for the couple. They have also performed at a fundraising event for ‘F— Cancer’ in August 2018.

Future Plans and Record Labels

Jackson and Glenn now have an impressive fan following and are looking forward to signing under big record labels. It has been reported that ‘Universal’ has shown interest in signing the pair for a project.

Glenn’s Support for Jackson

According to some of their mutual friends, Glenn is extremely supportive of Jackson. He has stood beside her through her struggles with substance abuse and her pursuits in music. Glenn understands the pressure Jackson faces as the daughter of an icon and gives her full creative freedom while composing music. Jackson does not cover her father’s songs. The songs they use for their band were written by Jackson during her battle with depression and drug addiction as a teenager. Glenn has mostly written the love songs dedicated to her, including a song called ‘Glorious’ that he wrote as a Christmas gift.

Public Appearances

In March 2019, Jackson and Glenn were spotted at the premiere of the ‘Netflix’ biopic ‘The Dirt’ after rumors of Jackson being hospitalized following a suicide attempt surfaced. They wore matching black leather jackets at the event. More recently, in October 2019, the couple attended an ‘amFAR Gala’ where Jackson sported a rose-gold gown and lilac-tinted hair that matched Glenn’s long, sleek tresses. They were also seen at her godfather Macauley Culkin’s podcast, ‘Bunny Ears,’ at ‘Largo at the Coronet,’ where Jackson opened up about her sexual orientation and revealed her open relationship with model Cara Delevingne through a tweet in the past.

Personal Life

Glenn’s personal life is still relatively unknown as he has just recently come out in public with his relationship with Jackson. He occasionally makes red-carpet appearances but is not active on any social media platform. He does have an ‘Instagram’ page named ‘@usernotavailabull,’ but he has not posted anything on it yet. Apart from Jackson’s ‘Instagram’ page, Glenn frequently appears with her at gigs around Los Angeles. He also plays the guitar for a heavy-metal band called the ‘Trash Dogs,’ which has performed at the ‘Viper Room’ along with Jackson’s cousin and fellow musician Austin Brown. The band has performed at various venues on the famous ‘Sunset Strip,’ including the ‘Rainbow Bar & Grill’ and ‘Whiskey A-Go-Go.’ The band members refer to themselves as “Hollywood’s mangiest band.”

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