Granny Jela Biography

Meet Granny Jela, the Serbian cook and internet sensation who has taken the online world by storm with her traditional home-made recipes. With a huge fan following on her blog and YouTube channel, Granny Jela has proven that age is just a number when it comes to mastering the internet. From effortlessly cooking in front of a camera to winning awards for her culinary skills, Granny Jela’s talent knows no bounds. Join her on her journey as she shares her delicious recipes and hosts Saturday parties that attract viewers from all corners of the globe. With over 48k followers on Facebook and 150k subscribers on YouTube, Granny Jela’s videos have been viewed over 50 million times. Get ready to be inspired by this modern host and culinary genius.

Quick Facts

  • Also Known As: Jelajelena Petrovic

Rise to Stardom

Granny Jela, in an interview, revealed that she had been cooking all her life and wanted to share her traditional recipes with a larger audience. This desire led her to explore the internet about a decade ago. Initially, she had no knowledge of how to use a computer mouse, but with the help of her grandchildren, she learned the basics of using a computer and the camera on her phone. She dedicated countless hours to reading online resources and tutorials to enhance her understanding of the medium she was about to use. During this time, she launched an online forum to share her recipes, which quickly gained attention from people of all ages around the world. Within a couple of years, she amassed over 36k fans on Facebook and expanded her presence on various social media platforms. She then created a blogging website called ‘My Youth’ where she regularly posted about her cooking for the past ten years. To further connect with her audience, she started a YouTube channel titled ‘Bakina Kuhinja’ (Granny’s Kitchen) where she uploads videos every day.

What Makes Granny Jela Special

Granny Jela has become a local celebrity in her town and an internet sensation due to her recipes for homemade dishes. Her repertoire includes soups, cooked meals, meat dishes, sweets, homemade bread, and pastries. She prepares all the food in her own kitchen, using only ingredients that can be found in local shops and markets in Serbia. She takes pride in making food the way previous generations did, stating that she follows the recipes of her mother and grandmother. However, her popularity is not only attributed to her culinary skills but also to her willingness to embrace new technologies. Despite her age, she has mastered the process of filming and editing her videos with the help of her husband, Milan. Their dedication is evident as they wake up early in the morning, go grocery shopping, film the cooking process, and then edit and publish the videos. Although the work can be exhausting, they are motivated by the anticipation of their numerous fans who eagerly await her recipes every morning. Granny Jela also has a loyal fan base who passionately defend her from any mean comments on her posts. Additionally, she engages with her audience by streaming live on a weekly basis, even attracting viewers from different time zones, such as Australia. Known for her sense of humor, she jokingly mentions that the only people missing from her followers are the “Chinese, Japanese, and aliens.”

Family & Personal Life

Granny Jela’s real name is Jelajelena Petrovic, and she hails from Despotovac, a town in central Serbia. She is 69 years old and previously worked as an agricultural expert. She has been married to her husband, Milan, for over four decades. Milan plays a crucial role in her online presence as he films, edits, and publishes her videos. He also acts as her assistant, economist, and taste tester. As Granny Jela is not allowed to eat sweets, Milan gets to enjoy all the food she prepares, resulting in him gaining weight, much to her amusement. She also shares extra food with her neighbors and saves some sweets for her grandchildren.

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