Guy Ritchie Biography

Rocco Ritchie, the celebrity kid born to Madonna and Guy Ritchie, first gained attention during his parents’ highly publicized custody battle. Constantly hounded by the media, Ritchie’s privacy was invaded and he became a subject of gossip due to his parents’ actions. Despite personal struggles, including a cannabis possession incident, Ritchie has shown ambition and talent, choosing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry alongside his close friend Brooklyn Beckham.

Quick Facts

  • Girlfriend: Chantelle Lee, Kim Turnbull
  • Also Known As: Rocco John Ritchie
  • Age: 23 Years, 23 Year Old Males
  • Family: father: Guy Ritchie, mother: Madonna, siblings: David Banda, Levi Ritchie, Lourdes Leon, Mercy James, Rafael Ritchie, Rivka Ritchie
  • American Men
  • Height: 1.80 m
  • U.S. State: California
  • City: Los Angeles

Life as a Celebrity Kid

Rocco Ritchie was just eight years old when his celebrity parents Madonna and Guy Ritchie decided to end their marriage. After their separation, his mother and father settled in New York and London respectively and young Ritchie had to travel back and forth to spend time with his parents. Ritchie traveled with his mother during her concert tours around the world. Later, he complained about not getting to spend enough time with his mother as she was always on the move, fulfilling her professional commitments. Ritchie also got tired of moving around all the time and yearned for some stability. Madonna, however, did not take her son’s feelings seriously and retorted that she couldn’t be a “cool mother to a grownup boy”. Things soon turned ugly between the two and Ritchie moved to London to live with his father and resumed his studies there. Finally, Guy Ritchie won Rocco’s custody as well.

Media Scrutiny and Turmoil

Things didn’t cool down for a while between Madonna and her son as Ritchie was seen commenting negatively on one of Madonna’s ice bucket challenge photos on Instagram. The comment was later deleted but not before it reached the public. During this period of turmoil, Rocco Ritchie faced intense scrutiny from the media and was stalked at every moment. He lost all the privacy he craved for in his life and was regularly mentioned in the tabloids. He was even pictured sipping an alcoholic beverage before reaching the legal age of drinking. Once his neighbors complained about him to the police and he was caught with cannabis in his possession. He was rumored to be romantically linked with each one of his female friends and everything he did was scrutinized by the media and commented upon. This deeply distressed the young man.

Finding Support and Moving Forward

Even though his relationships with his family members were troubled, he eventually found a kindred spirit in Brooklyn Beckham, the son of former English footballer David Beckham and former supermodel Victoria Beckham. With Brooklyn’s support, Ritchie is planning to move to New York to study art and film. Madonna is believed to be very happy with the decision and is looking forward to spending more time with her son and repair their relationship.

Career and Public Appearances

Rocco Ritchie has appeared in some TV shows, including one episode of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. He has also appeared in some documentaries like ‘Madonna: Bitch I’m Madonna’, and ‘I’m Going to Tell You a Secret’.

Personal Life

Rocco Ritchie was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 11, 2000, to Madonna and Guy Ritchie. He has two adopted siblings, Mercy James and David Banda, one half-sister named Lourdes Leon on his mother’s side and three half-siblings, Rafael Ritchie, Rivka Ritchie, and Levi Ritchie, on his father’s side. Rocco once dated Kim Turnbull. Currently, he is said to be in a relationship with singer Chantelle Lee.

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