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Hannah Whelan, a British Gymnast, has made a name for herself through her remarkable performances in the ‘Beijing Olympics’. With a passion for gymnastics from a young age, she has trained diligently and had the privilege of training with some of the greatest names in British gymnastics. Alongside British champions like Ruby Harold, Claudia Fragapane, and Rebecca Tunney, Whelan has showcased her talent in the competitive British circuit, earning recognition in the ‘British Championships’ and making significant contributions to her club, ‘City of Liverpool’. Her skills have also taken her to international platforms such as the ‘American Cup’, ‘World Cup’, and the ‘European Championships’. Despite not winning any medals in her two Olympic appearances, Whelan’s unwavering positivity, dedication, and grace have made her a beloved figure among her coaches, teammates, and fans, solidifying her status as one of Britain’s finest gymnasts.

Quick Facts

  • Name: Hannah Kate Whelan
  • Age: 31 Years, 31 Year Old Females
  • Family: mother – Karen Whelan, siblings – Sophie Whelan
  • Born Country: Singapore
  • Gymnasts
  • British Women
  • Height: 5’3″ (160 cm), 5’3″ Females
  • City: Singapore, Singapore
  • Education: Liverpool John Moores University
  • Awards:
    • 2008 – Senior British Championships; bronze all-around beam champion floor silver
    • 2008 – Selected for Beijing; team 9th
    • 2009 – European Championships Milan; 17th all-around
    • 2009 – British Team champions (City of Liverpool); individual all-around champion
    • 2009 – Senior British Championships; 5th all-around beam silver
    • 2010 – British Teams; individual all-around bronze
    • 2010 – Porto World Cup; floor bronze
    • 2010 – British Champion beam silver bars bronze floor bronze
    • 2010 – World Championships Rotterdam; team 7th individual all-around 16th
    • 2010 – Glasgow Grand Prix (World Cup); beam silver
    • 2011 – Senior English champion floor gold beam and bars silver
    • 2011 – European Championships all-around 13th; beam 8th
    • 2011 – British Teams: Individual all-around gold
    • 2011 – British all-around champion bars and beam silver
    • 2011 – World Championships all-around 9th team 5th
    • 2012 – European Championships beam and floor bronze team 4th
    • 2012 – British Championships bronze all-around
    • 2012 – Olympic Games – member of team GB all-around finalist
    • 2013 – English all-around champion
    • 2013 – British Championships beam silver
    • 2014 – British beam silver
    • 2014 – European Championship team silver
    • 2014 – Commonwealth Games (Team England) Team gold all-around bronze

Childhood & Early Life

Hannah Whelan was born in Singapore and moved to Stockport, United Kingdom when she was two years old. At the age of six, Whelan began to take gymnastics lessons, and her talent was noticed shortly thereafter. She began to train at the ‘South Manchester Gymnastics Club’ with her coach, Helen Hall. In 1997, the Whelans’ moved to Texas in the United States, and she trained at ‘Flips Gymnastic Academy’. In 2001, her family returned to Stockport, and she resumed her training with Helen Hall at the ‘Vernon Park Gymnastic Club’. Four years later, she began training with Sarah Attwell at the ‘City of Liverpool Gymnastic Club’. Three years later she began training with Amanda Reddin.


In March 2008, Whelan competed in the ‘World Cup’ in Doha, Qatar, where she placed eighth in balance beam and eighth in floor scoring. In June of that year she placed third overall in the ‘British Championship’ in Guildford United Kingdom (score – 56.100). Later in 2008, she competed in the ‘Summer Olympics’, which were held in Beijing, China. Her scores of 14.325 on the balance beam and 14.125 on the floor contributed to Britain’s ninth place finish.

March 2009 found Whelan in Milan for the ‘European Championship’. She placed seventeenth overall. That May she participated in the British Teams competition in Guildford and her club, ‘City of Liverpool’, took first place. In July 2009, she returned to Guildford for ‘British Championship’. She took second in balance beam (score – 14.300), fourth on the floor, and fifth overall with a score of 52.150. She had surgery on her wrist in September of that year.

In June 2010, Whelan returned to the ‘World Cup’ in Porto, Portugal. She placed third on the floor with a score of 13.400. In July she made her third her appearance in Guildford for the ‘British Championship’. She placed second in balance beam (score – 14.100), third on uneven bars (score – 13.800), and third on the floor (score – 13.750). In October 2010, she made her first appearance at the ‘World Championship’ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She placed sixteenth in the overall competition. Her scores of 13.900 on the uneven bars, 14.066 on the floor, and 14.133 on the balance beam contributed to Britain’s seventh place finish.

She competed in the ‘American Cup’ in Jacksonville, Florida in March 2011. She placed eighth. That April, she returned to the ‘European Championship’ which was held in Berlin, Germany. Despite falling twice, she placed eighth in the balance beam and thirteenth in the overall competition. Later in the month, she attended the ‘World Cup’ in Glasgow, placing fifth in the all-around competition. In May 2011, she competed in British Teams with her club, City of Liverpool. They took first place in the overall competition (score – 56.850). That July she attended ‘British Championship’ again, where she took second on uneven bars (score -13.900), second in balance beam (score -14.500), and fourth on the floor. In October 2011, she competed in the ‘World Championship’ in Tokyo, Japan. Britain’s fifth place score was due in part to Hannah’s overall score of 55.665. The scores qualified them for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

In March 2012 Whelan returned to Qatar for the ‘World Cup’, where she placed sixth in the balance beam. Brussels, Belgium hosted the ‘European Championship’ that year, where her overall score of 55.498 contributed to Britain’s fourth place finish. She placed third on balance with a score of 14.333 and third on floor scoring 14.533. At the ‘British Championships’ in 2012 she took third overall (score -55.800), second on balance beams third on floor scoring and fourth on uneven bars. The 2012 Summer Olympics were held in London in July. Her score of 55.699 won her seventeenth place and qualified her for the all-around final. In the team final, her scores of 14.000 on uneven bars, 13.866 on balance beam, and 14.200 helped land the British team sixth place. However, the overall final led to heartbreak for Whelan. She received a zero for landing her vault on her knees, and ended up in last place.

Awards & Achievements

In 2008, Whelan won gold for the balance beam at the British Championships in Guildford. In 2010 and then again a year later, she took first place at the British Championships in the overall competition.

Personal Life & Legacy

Whelan missed much of her senior year of high school due to her training. She currently attends ‘John Moores University’ in Liverpool, where she studies Sports Development. Whelan still trains thirty hours a week.


The famous gymnast’s birth sign is ‘Cancer’, a sign renowned for its incredible perseverance.

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